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Tuesday Tales- June 6, 2017- Purple

Time for Tuesday Tales again. I missed the last couple of weeks due to travel and some drama on the home front. All is well again and so here I am. This week’s word prompt is purple. I am still working on my 1739 pirate story. This scene is when the heroine is caught out in the rain with the hero and he takes her to his brother’s home to get her into some dry clothes.

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“Honey, I don’t know what you’re doing with old Leo Mountbank but you’d be well-advised to keep away from the likes of he.”

“Is he so terrible? After all, he brought me here to get me out of the rain.”

“Shouldn’t been out there with ‘im in the first place.”

“I wasn’t out there with him as you put it. I was looking around the cemetery and the rain come down before he appeared.”

“If I know that devil, he conjured that rain just to try to seduce a comely young lady like yerself.”

By this time, she had taken me into a small room painted white with no adornments other than a massive cross hanging on the wall between two beds. There was a dark mahogany wardrobe that filled up one side of the space. The old woman flung open the doors and pulled out a purple gown. She turned and raked her gaze over my body. “I reckon this one’ll do.”

While she stood there watching me with a never-wavering gaze, I stripped off my sodden clothing and tugged on the proffered garment. It was actually quite comfortable and unlike anything I’d worn before. It had no corset and no boning. Free flowing fabric and being nude underneath made me feel wicked.

“I’ll get this dried and pressed after I serve the tea. I hope the vicar is back from his late rounds by now so I won’t be leavin’ you at the mercy of that brother of his.”

That brother was handsome as the devil himself and if I believed this lady, and I was sorely tempted to as it did seem as if that storm appeared out of nowhere, Leo Mountbank could very well be on the prowl to seduce a young lady. And maybe the old man I saw in the cemetery was some kind of demon summoned by the devil himself.

I was already half-way to seduction what with my so-called rescuer’s compelling presence and now me with nothing on but a thin piece of fabric. He could make short work of his task as things were at the moment.

Hoping she wouldn’t leave me alone with him, yet somehow also hoping she would, I was all a-tingle.

“My stars, you look like you want the man to take your maidenhood. All flush and excited. Even your eyes are sparkling.” The woman shook her head and tutted again. “Not while old Bess is around. No ma’am. Not under the vicar’s roof. I’ve a good mind to lock you in here til yer things are ready for you to go but Mr. Mountbank may tan me old hide if I did that.”

I gasped at her words. Surely not. I’m not naïve and knew what kinds of things went on in this world but I wouldn’t stand by and allow this woman to be hit on my behalf.

She must have sensed my concern as she smiled at me.

“Don’t you worry yer little ole head ‘bout Bess here. I can take care of meself.”


  1. Great scene. I like old Bess.

    • thanks Susanne. Glad you like her. I do too. 🙂

  2. I have no doubt ole’ Bess can take care of herself. I’m intrigued to see what happens between her and Mr. Mountbank. 😉

    • lol. I think she can, for sure. 😉 Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Bess is a great character. She such a tough cookie.

    • thanks Karen! She is, isn’t she?

  4. What a great snippet!

  5. Wonderful scene! I love the old woman and her words that start with my stars.

    • thanks Flossie. She’s a cool old lady!! Like I want to be someday… probably sooner than I expect. LOL

  6. Gotta love ole Bess, looking out for the young lady! Love this scene. Sensuous, sexy without the man even being present. Started anticipation within me. I hope we’re going to see the next scene — tea with the bounder and the lady.
    BTW, just LOVE that cover! Wow, beautiful and romantic.

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad you think it’s sensuous. That makes me happy!
      And thanks on the cover. That story comes out July 27. 🙂

  7. Great snippet. I can’t wait to read more. You rock this genre!

    • awww thanks. I appreciate the compliment. I love this genre.

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