Posted by: Author | June 19, 2017

Tuesday Tales- Jun 21, 2017- Picture Prompt

Tuesday Tales this week is a picture prompt. All posts are limited to 300 words- (I dd 309 only because I wanted to get to the end of a paragraph). I have started another story. This one is for a young adult anthology call from one of my publishers -if I don’t make it into that, I’ll publish it at Halloween as it’s a little but horror and a little bit fun. It’s called Fungus Amongus.

Be sure to check out the other tales here.


tt june 21

It seemed I’d get my wish to explore that igloo after all. I followed her into the shambles of a house and could barely contain my awe and fear as we made our way through several rooms toward the igloo. I saw things that made me wonder if I was on some kind of drug. Had I somehow ingested some mold spores from that thing growing out of Jacob?

The main living room area was normal. Other than stacks of papers piled up and a caldron on top of a potbelly stove in the corner. It was going and made the room feel like it was over a hundred degrees.

The next room was more sinister. The walls were painted black and olive green. I thought I saw an alligator with red eyes in the corner. I was pretty sure there were three snakes draped over the shredded curtains.

The third room which was right before the igloo, had some kind of weird flooring as well as sheetrock. Underfoot, my sneakers squished and the floor undulated with each stop, as if it wanted to make me trip and fall. God only knew what would eat my face if I did.

The thought of face eating increased my pace. I had to help Jacob. Had to.

“What will happen to my friend if I don’t get back in time?” I kept walking but the walls were moving, breathing, almost panting. I wanted to flee but made myself stay steady and focused.

“He’ll be covered in the fungus and made a part of the landscape. That’s why I laid him out in the moss. He’d be uncomfortable if he grew into and around a bed or a sofa. It’s best to let him grow into a natural environment.” She nodded. “It was the humanitarian thing to do. You understand, don’t you?”


  1. Fantastic start to a scary story.

  2. The word grisly comes to mind! Oohhh, so evocative and spooky. Evil seems to lurk everywhere. And snakes, brrrr. Loved it!

    • LOL thanks. I loved thinking how I could make it creepy.

  3. Oh, that whole scene gave me the creeps. And her last comment? That was correct and scary all at once. Great job!

    • thanks Tricia. This has been a fun one to write.

  4. OMG creepy! Love it.

    • thanks Flossie!

  5. Ooooo, how creepy!

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