Posted by: Author | October 23, 2017

Tuesday Tales- Oct 24, 2017- Seed

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is seed.  We’re still in my story based in New York where the hero is searching for a runaway girl.

Be sure to check out the stories of the other writers in our group here. I’m sure they have used our word very cleverly.


Bennett came to stand beside me. “Are you ready to roll? It should be interesting.”

“Yeah, I’m more than ready. We need to take these people down. Hard.”

“Ride with me and Dawn. Roger is driving that rig over there and we’ll be with him.” Bennett pointed to a black truck with a skull and crossbones tag on the front bumper.

All the others seemed to know which vehicle they were assigned as they broke away and found their rides. I was impressed with the orderliness and precision. Hopefully, this boded well for the success of the mission.

When we were finally all aboard and our audience had grown to epic proportions, Bennett gave the signal to move out.

Our truck was the lead truck and as we roared away and toward the northern part of Manhattan, the seed of excitement that had settled in my gut grew.  There was nothing like the adrenaline of a mission. In this moment, I realized exactly how much I’d missed that part of my life. Perhaps I’d join Bennett’s group on a more permanent basis once I was able to rescue Shannon.

The thought of the girl made me pull her photo out of my pocket. I looked down at the school picture and reiterated the promise I’d made to that face many times. “I’m going to find you.”

“You know she’s probably not with these girls, right?” Dawn, seated on the back seat beside me, said.

“Yeah. I do but I can still keep promising her I won’t give up.”

She stared at me with an expression that seemed to say I was nuts but she wasn’t going to break the news to me just yet.


  1. Great snippet!

    • thanks

  2. Ingenious use of the prompt! I like the way he won’t give up, and that last sentence is perfect.

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