Posted by: Author | October 30, 2017

Tuesday Tales- Oct 31, 2017 – Ghost

It’s fitting that today’s word is ghost since it is Halloween but I am not using it in a spooky way. I’m still working on my thriller story and this week, we’re finally getting to the part where the hero is attempting to rescue some women from human traffickers.

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Eventually, we came upon a clearing where there were a number of trucks parked and several old, rundown sheds. Large sheds that might have once been considered warehouses but were so dilapidated they couldn’t have been sound for protecting products any longer. But was this where they were keeping women? On cold nights, the wind had to penetrate all the cracks in the siding of the buildings.

A shrill whistle startled me but I couldn’t think about it as men came charging out of the buildings and leapt into some of the trucks parked there.

Bennett called over his shoulder, “Get out, find the women while we chase these guys.”

Dawn flung her door open at the same time I did. I rolled to the ground with my Glock in my hand. I just cleared the tires as Roger squealed off in pursuit of two trucks.

As I stood, I noticed others of our group chasing more trucks. Shots fired wildly and I glanced around to see who we had left to help us round up any victims we could find.

It was down to me, Dawn and two guys I’d met earlier.

Signaling to the two of them with my gun, I pointed toward the left side of the building near the back. I hadn’t noticed anyone coming from it when chaos ensued so I was hopeful the women were there with minimal guards.

Looking at Dawn, I said, “You follow me around the right side and we’ll cut them off with those other two guys.”

She gave me a ghost of a smile and slammed the clip into the bottom of her own gun. “Show time.”


  1. Great stuff. Well done. Love the way you used the prompt.

    • thanks, Susanne, 🙂

  2. Great scene, Jillian! Very intense and a wonderful way to bring the word prompt in without breaking the tension of your scene.

    • Thanks, Trisha! I’m glad you liked the way I used the prompt.

  3. Oh my gosh, this was tense. Those poor women. I hope they’re rescued. Great excerpt!

    • thanks Flossie! I’m glad you thought it was tense.

  4. What a great scene!

    • Thanks.

  5. Oooh! Totally on the edge of my seat. I could see the whole scene vividly!

    • thanks Tricia!

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