Posted by: Author | November 20, 2017

Tuesday Tales- November 21, 2017- Thank

This week’s word for the writing prompt for the Tuesday Tales authors is appropriate for the time of year. It’s thank.

For National Novel Writing Month, I’ve changed gears from my thriller (will get back to that) to writing a time travel story.  Today, I’m sharing a bit from when the hero had told the heroine he was born and lived over 200 years before the current time. She thinks he’s a bit mad and as her servants are gone to the village, she trying to make sure she stays safe while there alone with him.

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It seemed nothing would shake his story but she had an idea. “When we finish eating, I’ll take you into the library and we can find some books for you to take a look at from the time Queen Mary was executed to today.” Rowena took another bite of the delicious, tender lamb.

“Queen Mary was executed? Did her brother do it when she was defeated? I’d heard she escaped capture.”

“She did. She made it back to England. Her cousin, Queen Elizabeth, had her beheaded.”

“Did she plot against her too like she did her own son?”

Not really being a person who read a lot of history, Rowena was almost tapped out of information to give him. “I’m not sure but the books should tell you. My grandfather prided himself on his vast array of books. I’ve heard tell he wasn’t much for the written word himself but liked to appear educated to his guests.”

“I’ve known some men like that. Do you have many guests come to call?” Pembroke set his knife down and rubbed his stomach. “That was excellent, Miss Maitland. Thank you for taking in a cold, hungry knight and showing him some sympathy.”

“Let’s make our way to the library. I have some things I need to take care of and if I can safely ensconce you with some books to peruse, I can get my chores done.”

She stood to lead him out of the room.

Behind her, he asked, “You didn’t answer my question. Do you have many guests?”

“I believe the house was very active while my grandfather was alive. It hasn’t been for years.” She held the candle aloft to light their way. She wanted to get him settled so she could retrieve one of her sleeping draughts and put it in his ale.

Even though he seemed nice, she was aware that men sometimes took advantage of women when they were alone. Rowena had no idea what that really meant but Abigail had stressed to her that she should never speak to strange men she might happen upon.

It had never happened but now here she was in her own home and vulnerable in some unknown way so she thought she might as well make him sleep soundly until morning.


  1. I really like the sound of this. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks Susanne! 🙂

  2. Ooh, how intriguing!

    • thanks Flossie!

  3. Very intriguing. And I like the way she’s protecting herself without hurting the knight. Great way to deal with a man you don’t trust. Story is pulling me in already.

    • thanks Jean, I’m glad it’s pulling you in. 🙂

  4. Hmm…I can’t wait to hear what happen she between her a Mister Knight. And will he find what he’s looking for? I can’t wait to read more!

    • thanks Tricia!

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