Posted by: Author | November 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_4104 (2)


  1. Thank goodness there are no calories in a picture!

    • Amen. I only had a very small slice of it and it was very rich. My sister made it.

      • It’s gorgeous!

      • She thought it was failure as she added the ice cream too soon and it melted – but she refroze it. I’ll tell her you said it was gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Some of my biggest ‘failures’ got the most compliments, and you know, I was a baker. I can be critical when someone posts something where they really didn’t try, but all I thought when I saw this was how delicious it looked! One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they think they are complimenting they say “It’s too pretty to eat!” THAT is a failure on the baker’s part. Food should look so inviting that people can’t wait to taste it because they are certain that it will taste as wonderful as it looks, and that is exactly how this hit me.

    • Aww, thanks Tonette. I’ll tell her- it really was good. A turtle ice cream cake with the pecans, caramel, and chocolate. Yum.

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