Posted by: Author | December 11, 2017

Tuesday Tales- December 12, 2017- Picture Prompt

Once a month, those of us at Tuesday Tales write to a photo prompt as opposed to a word prompt.  I chose a cozy ornament photo for mine. We are limited to 300 words for the photo weeks.

I’m writing a short story called Ugly Christmas Sweater Quest. It won’t be published this year because there’s no time to edit it but since I was inspired by the season, I am writing it now.  The main character has been invited to a party by a guy she’s been crushing on for a while. She has found her sweater and met a guy who was also looking for one- they helped each other find embellishments to add dimension to their sweaters. He’s cute but she’s focused on her crush and impressing him.

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No one ever said she was beautiful. Heck, not even pretty. It was always that she was the fun one or the witty one, never the gorgeous one. Not that she really wanted to be known by her looks but once in a while, it’d be nice to be told she was lovely.
“Thanks for the compliment.” Yvette glanced down at her watch. “I better go.”
“It was nice shopping with you. I guess I’ll see you around since our friends seem to have hit it off.”
“Sure. Thanks for the help with the pins.” She held them up and headed to the cashier to pay.
He followed and got in line behind her. “I’m really not stalking you, but I can’t steal these fabulous earrings and spectacular hat.”
“Of course not. They’re so valuable, you’d be arrested for a felony.” Yvette handed over the cash for her items and said, “I’ll be seeing you.”
When she got to her car, she tossed the bag inside and headed for the dollar store for some stockings to hang on her fake mantel and candy canes to add flair to the sweater.
Happy with her purchases, Yvette returned to her on campus apartment, smiling when she walked up and saw the ornaments she and Maggie had hung in the windows that morning. They didn’t have room for a tree much larger than a tabletop one, so they tried to get more festive by decorating the one window they had that faced the parking lot of the complex. She sat at the small table in their tiny, one-wall kitchenette and got to work making her sweater stand out. She had to make sure Mark noticed her.
As she sewed the stockings onto the sweater, she thought about the Nordic Guy. She couldn’t believe she didn’t even get his name.


  1. Like this. I’m getting ready for a Christmas sweater party myself and you gave me some ideas. Thanks.

    • Cool! His is a Rudolph sweater and he’s putting big earrings on it, sequins on the nose and a knit cap with a puffball on the head. Hers is a mantel with a fire in the fireplace and she is putting ornament pins on the mantel to decorate it and little stockings on the mantel with candy canes. I had fun thinking up silliness. LOL Have fun at your party!

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about this party and Mark and the Nordic Guy. And with very little detail I am starting to love Yvette. Great job!

    • Awesome! Glad you like her! I am having a lot of fun with this story.

  3. What a festive snippet!

    • thanks Vicki! It’s been a fun, festive story to work on so far.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing Yvette’s apartment. Great use of that picture! I hope she runs into that Nordic guy again and gets his name.

  5. Uh oh. I get a feeling that she should have gotten his name. And hopefully she will when they meet again at the holiday festivities. Nice beginning. I like her and hope to find out more.

  6. I have a feeling that she’ll be finding out his name before too long!
    What a fun idea for a Christmas story!

    • Thanks Trisha! 🙂

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