Posted by: Author | December 18, 2017

Tuesday Tales- December 19, 2017- Tiny

This week the word prompt for Tuesday Tales is tiny. I’m still sharing the ugly Christmas sweater story.

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As they walked out the door, the blond from Goodwill and the guy he was with that Yvette hadn’t seen at the prior store entered were coming in the door. “Well hello there. We must both be making the rounds of the same stores today,” Nordic said.

“No luck at Goodwill? Did those girls not leave anything suitable?” Yvette asked.

“They didn’t leave anything. They actually scooped up every one of the Christmas sweaters in the place and offered a hundred bucks to buy them all.” He shook his head. “I couldn’t believe it but the manager said okay and off they went with a bundle.”

“That’s the pits but I had to tell you, there’s nothing in here either.”

“There’s that one sweater with a snowman on it,” Maggie said as she smiled up at the other guy who seemed mesmerized with her.

“Will you show it to me?” the mesmerized guy asked Maggie.

“It wouldn’t do any good, I’m afraid.” Maggie glanced down at the guy’s thick, muscular arms. “It’s a lady’s size two. It might fit one of your forearms.”

Nordic Guy laughed. “That would surely be an ugly sweater, Miguel. Your chest out there for all the world to admire your tattoos and this tiny little knitted snowman on your forearm.”

“We have to go.” Yvette thought Nordic Guy was funny teasing his friend but there were sweaters to find.

Maggie darted her a look. Yvette knew it meant she wanted to keep flirting with Miguel but time was racing by. They did not have time for this.

“Looks like we’re going. Good luck on your search,” Maggie said as Yvette strode toward her car.

Once they were buckled into the red Honda Civic, Maggie turned to Yvette. “He was cute. I wanted at least the chance to give him my number but no, you had to practically drag me off. Thanks for nothing, ’Vette.”

“Sorry but I think you’ll find someone interesting at Mark’s party. There’ll be a ton of people there. He’s very popular.” Yvette turned the key and put the car in reverse.

“But I liked that guy.”

“You knew him for like twelve seconds. Gee.”

“We had a connection.” Maggie tossed her hair over her shoulder. “How do you know them? Maybe you can give him my number.”

“I don’t know them at all. I met that tall one in the thriller section of the Goodwill store. First time I ever laid eyes on him.”


  1. Enjoying the guy’s humor. That image of Miguel is funny. Well done.

    • Thanks Suzanne. I like his sense of humor, too. LOL

  2. Well done! I enjoyed his humor.

    • thanks, Vicky!

  3. Great job with the humor. Also, I love how Maggie had that connection in 12 seconds.

    • Thanks Flossie. I love to laugh, as you know. This was fun to write. And instead of love at first sight, it took 12 whole seconds. Bwahhhaha


  4. Their search for sweaters is awesome. So funny! And the flirting with the guys. I hope they get to see them again.

    • Thanks Tricia. I had a blast writing this story. And yesterday, I was in Tallahassee for court and drove by the Goodwill store. They had a sign that said, “Your one-stop shop for ugly Christmas sweaters” – I wants to take a pic but was in a friend’s car going to lunch. Lol.


  5. Who knew she’s find a human thriller in the thriller section of Goodwill. I hope she’s going to bump into him again. Nice excerpt!

    • LOL! I love that Human Thriller for sure. 🙂

  6. I’m really enjoying this story. I love the ugly sweater concept and you’re great with interjecting humor in it!

    • Thanks Trisha. It was a lot of fun!

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