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Tuesday Tales- December 26, 2017- Pitch

This week the word prompt for Tuesday Tales is pitch. We’re all telling tales using this word. I’m sharing my Christmas sweater story again for the last time since the season will be over next week. It’ll be published sometime in 2018.

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“Fancy seeing you two here,” a male voice said.
Yvette turned to find Nordic Guy and Miguel standing beside them. She laughed and placed her hands on her hips. “Are you stalking me? I promise I don’t have a stash of Harlan Coben books stashed in my car.”
“If you did, then I would definitely be stalking but right now, we’re just interested in a couple of sweaters.” Nordic Guy winked.
He was kind of cute but he so wasn’t her type. “They have quite a few here. We’re going through them now. We’ll let you share if you promise not to take the best ones for yourself.”
Nordic Guy held his right hand up. “I hereby swear to allow—wait, what’s your name?”
“Okay. I hereby swear to allow Yvette to have the pick of the litter.”
“The pick of the litter?”
He shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a dog person.”
“What about your friend? Will he make the same vow?” Yvette glanced around. Her eyes widened when she saw her friend was practically standing in the same spot as Miguel. Any closer and they would be as connected as Siamese twins. She was grateful they at least weren’t making out in the video tape aisle.
“I somehow don’t think either of them care.”
“That’s an understatement.” Yvette slid another hangar along the rail. “See any you like?”
“I’ve seen some things I like.”
Yvette whipped her head around, wondering what he meant by that comment since it came out kind of suggestive.
His face was bland and gave nothing away. She decided she must have misheard the sultry undertone she thought she heard. He did have that chocolately-smooth voice that would probably sound sexy reading the New York Times stock market column. He could be a pitch man for a cologne commercial with the way he spoke, all deep and sensual.
“Like which ones?” she asked to get the conversation back on an innocent level. At least in her mind.
here was a red one with a big green Christmas tree on it and there was a grey one with a llama wearing earrings and a Santa hat.”
“Oh, I didn’t see it. How did I miss that one?” Yvette thought he had to be making that up since that certainly would’ve stood out in her mind.
He winked. “Sorry, the llama one wasn’t true. But I sure wish it was. That would be cool.”
“You’re no help.” She shook her head. Making up sweater styles. What kind of crazy was he? If she weren’t so focused on impressing Mark, she might think this guy was funny but right now, she needed to find the perfect thing for the party on Saturday.
“You don’t like llamas?”
“It has nothing to do with my feelings for llamas or any other quadrupeds for that matter.” Yvette pushed another three sweaters past her on the rack, losing hope with each one she passed.
“Since you don’t discriminate against quadrupeds, how about this one with the most famous quad of this season?” Nordic Guy shook a navy-blue sweater with Rudolph on  the front. The red nose was covered in shiny pleather fabric.


  1. Love the llama one! Great scene.

    • Thanks, Susanne. I have a Llama sweater myself that inspired it. LOL

  2. Love it! My daughter has a llama sweater that is just too darn adorable.

    • aww, sweet! I love it. Thanks

  3. Great use of the word prompt! Cute story. I love the attraction amid ugly Christmas sweaters. Perfect for this time of year.

    • Thanks Jean. I just wish I’d finished it in time for edits this year but now I have something for next year. It was fun to write the flirty exchanges.


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