Posted by: Author | January 17, 2018

Wordless Wednesday with a Cover Reveal

captain vane's daughter 1800 (2)


  1. Beautiful. Very artsy and I love the fonts. 🙂 When’s this release? You are on a release roll this year. Didn’t Cowboy just come out?

    • Thanks. I loved it as soon as I saw it. And Yep, Cowboy just came out. It was delayed due to the editor’s child’s illness – should’ve been out in Sept. And I just got the edits back on this one so sometime in February it’ll be out.

    • Oh an I have another Regency due out in April. 🙂

      • How the heck do you manage to write that much and work full time? Lol.

      • It’s a miracle.

      • Oh, and Cowboy was my NaNo story in 2015 so it’s been written for a while. Was at publisher’s for over a year before it came out.

  2. Lovely. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Tonette

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