Posted by: Author | February 21, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_0027 (2).jpg


  1. So it’s sitting on top of a laptop (I think) so isn’t thick enough to be a journal. Lol. Doesn’t look like paper, either, although that could be the way it’s printed. Some sort of cloth wall hanging?

    • It is made of paper and yes, it’s sitting on my laptop posing for the picture. Lol. It’s a collage I made with stuff I tore and cut out of catalogs. The bike and canal pic I used is a postcard I got from the Netherlands when I ordered something from Etsy- the note from the seller was on the back. I loved it and wanted to save it.

      Next week, I’ll share the other side. It’s for an online craft class my friend signed four of us up for as Christmas presents. First paper craft I’ve done in ages. I enjoyed it.


  2. Ohh, I love that last line!! Now I’m caught, waiting to find out what happens. Very suspenseful scene. Sucked me right in. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean. Glad you like. And that I’m keeping the suspense level up.


  3. You praised my collaged cans, now I am really pleased, since obviously you have a real eye for it. I thought that it might be another purchase journal that you were showing off. This is quite lovely indeed.

    • awww thanks!! I’m glad you like it. It’s not perfect but it fits me as I’m not either.

      • What is perfect? It’s ART!

      • Amen, sista!

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