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Tuesday Tales- March 27, 2018- Strong

This week’s word prompt for the writers of Tuesday Tales is strong. I am still in my regency era story.

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new TT Feb 2018

When she arrived at the stable area, she asked for the head groom.

As soon as he came around the corner, she asked, “Has anyone returned a runaway horse?”

“I think we’ve had a half dozen mounts brought in by someone other than their owner. Which are you seeking?”

“My friend, Robert Cecil’s horse, Dante.”

“Ah, yes.” The groom rubbed his beard. “He’s back there. Eating everything in sight.”

“Thank goodness. Robert was worried and sent me to check. You know how attached we get to our steeds.” She was glad to hear Dante was eating. Just like his master, he liked his meals.

“Glad to hear your friend made it. With the amount of blood on the animal, we were afraid the rider was dead.”

“Thank God he isn’t. Sadly, the horse in front of him was shot and spooked Dante. I guess all the blood was from that other poor creature.”

“Dante is calm now. I hope the incident didn’t ruin him for future battles.”

“Same here. May I see him so I can report to his owner that I’ve laid eyes on him?”

“Of course. Follow me.” The groom led her past several other mounts and stopped at Dante. “Those other beasts are waiting to be claimed. It’s always a task when the battle is over to find out who won’t be claiming their horse. Such a sadness. These animals and their soldiers all have a strong bond.”

“I know. When you have such an intimate fighting partner, you become as one. I feel sorry for the ones who’ve lost their masters. It must be confusing and tragic for them.”

“I like you, Soldier. You understand horses.” He grinned and asked, “Would it be too forward of me to introduce myself?”

The man was at least twice her age and even though Maud was sure he was thinking she was his better, she had no such thoughts. “I’d be honored to make your acquaintance as we do seem to agree about these magnificent creatures. I’m Somerset.” She hesitated as she always hated to use her brother’s name. “Thomas.”

The groom smiled. “And I’m Peter Blake.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Blake and I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again.” She grinned. “May I visit Khan for a moment?”

“Khan is your mount?” Blake’s smile widened. “That’s one special beast.”

“He sure is.” She leaned toward him and whispered, “Don’t tell him you think so. He already thinks he’s the best there is. It’ll just make him hard to live with.”

“I’ll keep it a secret.”


  1. Well done. Love the small talk. Nice and natural, even if they did discuss the post-battle reality of death.

    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear it sounds natural. This story has been difficult to write. Like each word is a battle itself. 😁


      • But it doesn’t seem that way! 🙂

      • Sooo glad to hear that! ❤️


  2. I love the conversation they’re having about the horses, especially Khan and his perception he is the best. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia. Horses are wonderful creatures and definitely have their own personalites. Sherry

  3. Their conversation is enjoyable, on target, and — though an aftermath of battle — feels like it’s moving us toward something. Good talking and walking is an art. LOVE this line: “May I see him so I can report to his owner that I’ve laid eyes on him?”

    • LOL! Talking and walking is an art in real life, for me, for sure. LOL! And Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it seems to be moving the story forward.

  4. Great dialogue! I love the camaraderie that springs up between them over their affection for horses. Great excerpt.

    • thanks. I appreciate it. I’m a big fan of horses myself.

  5. Great snippet. Their conversation is so natural and realistic. I enjoyed the thoughts on the horses and how it must be difficult on them. It’s something I never thought about. Great job!

    • thanks. I appreciate it. And yea, as I was writing, I thought about how hard it would be on them to lose their masters/riders once that bond was formed.

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