Posted by: Author | August 7, 2018

New/Old Release

A few years ago, I had a story in an anthology with a number of other Regency romance writers. It was called Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss. My story was called Milady and Her Spy.  I wrote two new stories to continue the adventures of the main character, Lady Augusta. I’ve been a lazy bones about getting them into one book and formatting it, but finally got it done this past weekend. It’s now available for purchase in both ebook form and paperback.

The heroine is such a great character to write, I hope readers love her as much as I do. BUY LINK


Lady Augusta Covington isn’t an average young woman of the ton. She’s unique and prefers outdoor pursuits over needlepoint and gossip. She’s a crack shot and has the best seat in the county.

In Milady and Her Spy, a house party at her family’s country estate leads to extreme danger for the daughter of the house. There’s a traitor in their midst with evil plans afoot and they include the lady herself.

In Milady Takes a Groom, Lady Augusta has found the man she wants to spend her life with. There’s just the pesky matter of a plan by a French agent to pull off a shocking mission to try to end the war with Napoleon to deal with first.

In Milady Goes to France, Lady Augusta must travel directly into enemy territory to find and assist an agent of the Crown who is in danger. It’ll take all the skills Milady has in order to make it back to English soil alive.


If you read The Orphan and the Duke, Lady Augusta makes an appearance in it as well. When I was writing it, her husband suddenly turned up with the hero of that story. I remember saying out loud, “What are you doing here? This isn’t about you.” But then, Lady Augusta was needed by the sisters in The Orphan and the Duke and it became clear why he was there.  🙂  The Orphan and the Duke Final (2)


  1. Yay! I loved Lady Augusta!

    • thanks! And you were an excellent editor! I was a lazy bum getting it out there.

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