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Tuesday Tales- August 21, 2018-Picture Prompt

This week’s prompt is a picture prompt. The authors of these tales are limited to 300 words when there’s picture prompt. I’m still working on my new story with the Beatles references. I don’t think there are any in this snippet though. 🙂

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new TT Feb 2018


Max smiled at how isolated the house was. Just what he needed after moving away from Chicago. Peace and quiet was what his soul needed.

“Quiet enough to be murdered without anyone hearing?” Stella smiled at him as they reached the point of the driveway where he could get his first look at the front of the house.

“If I didn’t know realtors were pretty rabid about making sales, I’d say you were trying to discourage me from even taking a look inside this one, much less making an offer and moving in.”

“Not at all. It’s your business where you want to live. My great grandmother was a Voodoo priestess and many feared her, even though she was harmless. Nothing can scare you if you let everyone live and let live was her philosophy.”

“And you let the ghosts live and let die?” Max couldn’t resist asking.

“You’re a funny man. Let’s see how you like the inside.” She put the car in park and opened the door. “The power is supposed to still be on.”

Max followed her to the impressive columned porch. “The hedges along here seem like they’d be nice. With a good trimming, that is.”

Stella pointed to one on the far left end. “That one there is so oversized, I bet you could trim it on the shape of an animal.”

“Not me. I couldn’t.”

“You’re good with scalpels but not with hedge clippers?”

Her smile was so charming, Max almost reached out to touch her cheek. “I can handle the clippers. It’s the art part that would be an issue.”

She inserted the key into the door and glanced at him over her shoulder. “Ready for your first impression of your new home?”


  1. Love it. I can appreciate his comment. Hedge art wouldn’t be my forte either.

    • mine either. I love it though. So cool. Epcot Center does beautiful work- especially when they have their flower shows.

      • It’s amazing what some people can do.

      • for sure

  2. Love the budding relationship here. Looking forward to more. Clever use of the pic prompt!

    • thanks. I am liking working on the story so far.

  3. Their flirting is terrific! I was actually cheering him on to touch her cheek. I hope there’s more for these two!

    • thanks and Max thanks you for the cheering on! 🙂

  4. Great scene and interaction between the two. I’m really enjoying this new story!

    • thanks Trishafaye! – I’m enjoying writing these two.

      • Thanks Jillian!

  5. This is wonderful. Love the line you chose to highlight: “You’re good with scalpels but not with hedge clippers?” The piece has funny, too. Could use for next week lol.

    • Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. And I DiD almost use it this new week as I didn’t realize I’d used it. Lol. Had to compare and then take another funny from the manuscript. Lol.

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