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Special Guest- Betty Bolte- and WITCHES!

My friend, Betty is here today to talk about her new book, and y’all, it has witches. Some of my favorite characters. Without further ado, check out her tale- it sounds soooo good!

Betty:  Thanks for letting me pop in and introduce Beth Golden to you all! Beth is the feisty and determined heroine in my latest release, Veiled Visions of Love (Secrets of Roseville Book 4). She and her sisters run the small-town bookstore Golden Owl Books and Brews. The sisters are all witches who have different abilities. Beth’s is seeing the future, or at least snippets of the future of the people around her.

Except for one person, the sexy Air Force pilot, Mitch Sawyer, who rolls into town on his Harley and upends her “boring” world with his smile and an offer she can’t refuse. (Although he sorely wishes he never suggested she join him on his somewhat dangerous mission, but that’s a different matter.) When Beth is with Mitch, she can only see one thing in his future, a woman and a boy. Nothing more. The mystery as to how he blocks her visions worries her but she wants to work with him because his job as an airplane repo agent thrills her.

See, her psychic visions means that it’s difficult to surprise her. She’s learned to control the onslaught of visions, but she still knows more about what’s to come than she’d like. With Mitch, though, she is surprised and excited by the uncertainties she faces.

Beth longs to travel and see the world, something she hasn’t had the time or money to do. To compensate, she enjoys foods from all around the world. In fact, she and her mother used to make the recipes in an international cookbook they bought. Working together in the Golden ancestral home in sleepy Roseville, baking and cooking all kinds of delicious meals. When it comes to her favorite coffee, she prefers a medium roasted blend but always adds a bit of creamer to give it an international flavor. Like Bailey’s Irish Crème or French Vanilla so she can imagine visiting those countries while she sips her brew.

I’m blogging about the research that went into writing Veiled Visions of Love over at Betty Bolte’s Musings. I had a lot of fun writing Beth and Mitch’s story and hope you will enjoy reading it!

Thanks for having me, Jillian! Happy reading, everyone!Veiled_Visions_of_Love_600x900 (2)


Veiled Visions of Love (Secrets of Roseville Book 4)

His search for a home led him straight to her heart…

Psychic Beth Golden longs to live the life of a heroine in a suspense novel but knows she’ll die of boredom working in the bookstore in the small town of Roseville. Until a pilot rolls into town on his motorcycle with a secret mission. When he introduces her to a whole new world of daring and romance, she’s captivated by a lifestyle filled with unexpected and dangerous surprises.

Major Mitch Sawyer, currently serving in the Reserves, has lived all over the world and wants nothing more than to have his own home with a wife and family. Forced to complete one more airplane repo job before he can afford to resign his commission and make his dream a reality, he entices a sexy book lover to help him by becoming an undercover biker chick. Only Beth’s hunger for excitement endangers both herself and an innocent bystander. Can he protect them—and his heart—before it’s too late?

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About the Author Betty Bolte-July 2013 (2)

Award-winning author Betty Bolté is known for authentic and accurately researched historical fiction with heart and supernatural romance novels. A lifetime reader and writer, she’s worked as a secretary, freelance word processor, technical writer/editor, and author. She’s been published in essays, newspaper articles/columns, magazine articles, and nonfiction books but now enjoys crafting entertaining and informative fiction, especially stories that bring American history to life. She earned a Master’s Degree in English in 2008, emphasizing the study of literature and storytelling, and has judged numerous writing contests for both fiction and nonfiction. She lives in northern Alabama with her loving husband of more than 30 years. Her cat, Calliope, serves as her muse and writing partner, and her dogs, Zola and Sierra, make sure she goes outside frequently. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Historical Novel Society, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Alabama Writers Conclave, and Authors Guild. Get to know her at


Twitter: @BettyBolte







  1. thanks for coming by, Betty. Jillian

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