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Tuesday Tales- October 23, 2018- Picture Prompt

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to picture prompts. Each post is limited to 300 words. I wrote a little Halloween tale. It was hard to limit it to 300 words, but I did it. I love Halloween!!

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new TT Feb 2018


The five-gabled roof of the two story abandoned mansion loomed in the darkness cast by the shadows of the leafless, yet large, oak trees.

Marguerite glanced at her friend Jane. “I don’t want to. This place creeps me out.”

“Don’t be scared. I told you, it’s fine. We both need homecoming dance dresses. There’s a closet full of them up there. We can borrow one each and bring them right back.”

Taking a deep breath, Marguerite shook her head. “It’s illegal to go in and steal.”

“We’re not stealing. We’re borrowing.” Jane stepped on the porch and grabbed the door knob.

Once inside, she beckoned to Marguerite. “Come on. It’ll just be a second.”

Marguerite followed. The house was even creepier inside. The furniture left behind made weird shadows on the wall. It seemed as if the house itself was alive and they were in the lungs. Inhale, exhale.

Wanting to flee, but compelled to follow her friend, Marguerite kept going, past the creak of the stairs and the half-broken balustrade.

In a bedroom at the end of the hall, Jane stood in front of a closet of beautiful dresses. “See? Like I said. Doug and I found them when we sneaked in. Pick one.”

Feeling forced to go along, Marguerite ran her hand along the side of a pale blue one. “I like this.”

Jane pulled a salmon pink one out for herself. “Then let’s go. They’re both the right size.”

As they left the room, a loud crash startled Marguerite. She darted a glance over her shoulder and  panicked. Shoving Jane aside, she ran for the stairs.

“What’s happening?” Jane cried out.

The last Marguerite saw of her friend, Jane was being pursued down the street by a group of formal gowns apparently bent on revenge.





  1. Damn those demonic formal gowns!

    • I know, right? LOL!

    • and they look so innocent and pretty…..

  2. LOL Made me burst out laughing at the end. Loved it!

    • LOL! Glad it made you laugh!! My work here is done. LOL

      • You know, coffee doesn’t taste as good when it comes out your nose.

      • hahahahahaha! U betcha! LOL

  3. I love it! The Revenge of the Gowns!! Yes, so perfect and the surprise and funny ending. That’ll teach them to steal. Well done!

    • I wanted her to throw hers down and I wanted to say they were still on hangars as I thought that would be even funnier, but I had to stick to the word count.  LOL

  4. That was so creepy and hilarious at the same time! I loved it! Great job!

    • Thanks, Tricia! It was intended to be creepy but then I couldn’t resist the ending. LOL

  5. Oooh, great scene! When Jane first started with her justifications, I thought, “Oh boy she is the girl in the horror movie who falls down with the monster right behind her.” Love your ending.

    • Lol. She’d totally be that girl. Hahaha


    • Glad you liked the ending. Lol


  6. Hahaha! Great job – creeping us out and getting all nervous and then you throw in that twist at the end. Wonderful!

    • Thanks Trisha. It was fun. Lol


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