Posted by: Author | November 1, 2018

Christmas Spirit Renewed- Available now

Available in both paperback and ebook.  Three fun tales of Christmas Spirit.  BUY LINK


                                                        Candy Kane                                                                    

Ten years ago, Candace Miller put her dreams of attending college on hold because she was needed at her mother’s floral shop. Candace was content with her simple, no frills life. But right before Christmas, she’s knocked off kilter by stunning news. Her former boyfriend, Hank Kane, who won the Powerball in college and stayed away has now lost that fortune, gotten a divorce and is back in town to lick his wounds.

Candace is desperate to avoid him, but that’s going to be tricky. As the current owner of the shop, she has to honor her contract to provide the flowers for his sister’s wedding.

Along the way, she learns it’s true that the best laid plans always go awry.

The Magic of Fruitcake

Marla Ravenscroft, an aspiring actress, befriends a homeless woman on the streets of New York. The older woman sends a tin of fruitcake to Marla who immediately meets a famous Hollywood director who gives her a chance to read for his latest movie.

Hans Sinclair is looking for a new face for his latest film. The problem is, the man he’s relying on to play the lead hates Marla and is determined to make sure she’s not hired.

As Hans and Marla work together on her screen tests, other people around them start to have incredible luck in finding romance. Marla begins to wonder if the appearance of that fruitcake tin has anything to do with it. Could a beat-up old tin really hold the Christmas spirit?

The Ugly Sweater Quest

Yvette Jones has a huge crush on a super popular classmate, Mark. She’s heard he’s having an ugly Christmas sweater party. Even though she doesn’t really know him, she’s determined to finagle an invitation. She and her best friend plan to visit every store that sells the best used sweaters. And by best, they mean worst.

She runs into a gorgeous Nordic-looking guy at the Goodwill Store. Before she can even look at the selection there, two other girls take them all.

Disappointed, her quest continues at another store. To her surprise, Nordic Guy is already there, looking at Christmas clothing himself. As she sorts through the racks with him, she can’t help but wonder if he’s flirting or just trying to get help finding his own ugly sweater.

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  1. Congrats on the new release!

    • thanks so much!

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