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Tuesday Tales- Feb 12, 2019- Fired

This week’s word for the Tuesday Tales gang is fired. I am still sharing my slavery story. I’ve finished it, but I’m in the middle of editing it now. Our protagonist has made her way to a safe house in Concord, New Hampshire.

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new TT Feb 2018

On the fourth day, Sally came in and clapped her hands. “I’ve got your manumission papers.” She held them out to Theodora. “Keep them on you all the time.”

Theodora opened them. She could make out a few words. “These say I’m free?”

“They do. They’ll pass most anyone’s muster. We know they aren’t real, but no one else will so if anybody stops you on the street, you show them. If they act as if they’re going to take you south, you yell long and loud that you’re a free woman of color. Someone in this town will come running and after checking these, will protect you.”

“Really?” Theodora held the treasures to her chest protectively. “I’ll never lose them.”

“I’m also moving you to another room today. Closer to the stairs. Where you can visit with all the others.”

“I’m so glad. Being alone most of the day has been hard.”

“Oh, by the way, I had to give you a last name for the papers. I forgot to ask what you wanted so I picked one. How do you like Smith?”

“Anything you chose is fine as long as it wasn’t Johnson.” Theodora laughed as she tried out her new name. “Theodora Smith. I like it.”

“Well, Miss Smith. Let’s get you moved and settled into your new place before you start work today.”

“What is the day of the week? I’ve lost count.”

“It’s Tuesday.”

“I have to find the pub on Main Street. Do you know where it is?”

“You a drinking woman?” The look on Sally’s face made Theodora giggle.

“No. Not at all.” She grinned. “Although Esther talked me into sneaking some of the master’s spirits once.”

“Then why do you need to go to a pub and on Main Street at that?”

“I have a brother who is trying to escape as well. We agreed to meet there on a Tuesday. I’m to go each week until he shows up, or he’s to go until I come.”

“That’s a clever plan. Did you set a time or are you planning to stay out there all day?” Sally’s eyebrows raised.

“Afternoon is all we said. I’ll go and wait for a few hours.”

“Just keep moving. You don’t want to cause suspicion. We may be in a free state, but people are still not always kind and accepting of us. You might get their curiosity all fired up.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise.”

“For today, I’ll send Tobias with you. To show you the way.” She waggled her finger at Theodora. “But mind you, it may be years before that brother of yours shows up.”

“Maybe so, but I’ll be there.” Theodora crossed her fingers over her heart. “But it could be mere weeks, not years. I choose to believe that.”

“You keep that hope in your heart, child and maybe you’ll be right and I’ll be wrong.”


  1. Wonderful snippet!

  2. Greta post and I hope Theodora is right.

    • Thanks.


      • I meant Great lol

      • I knew that.  LOL!

  3. Exceptional with the variety of emotions here. I’m glad she has those papers!

    • Thanks Flossie. Me, too. 😁


  4. I love the excitement she has of being free and the hope she has to reunite with her brother. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia. Glad you liked it.


  5. Love the implied connection between her and her brother and the friendship that is springing up here. Well done!

    • Thanks. I’m glad it’s appealing!


  6. Wonderful scene! I love how you used the word prompt. Very nice!

    • Thanks Trisha. It was fun trying to fit it in. Lol


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