Posted by: Author | June 3, 2019

Tuesday Tales- June 3, 2019- Rancid

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is rancid. I love it. It was fun to find a way to fit in in. Hope you like it, too.

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new TT Feb 2018

He set the candelabra down in the nearest surface. “I’m done. You wear me out.” He stalked out of the room.

As soon as he was gone, an impossible wind blew into the area. It swirled and danced about the room, sending papers flying about and knocking some of the knick-knacks off the side tables and mantelpiece. A couple of Dresden-like shepherdesses shattered on the hearth.

Stella glanced around. There was no open window that would’ve let in the wind.

Panicked, she tried to run after Max, but another wind–this one smelling rancid and revolting–came out of the fireplace and made itself into a small cyclone. It beat her to the door and slammed it in her face.

She let out a squeal as the door hit the jamb and made even more breakable items fall to the floor. Some broke, some didn’t.

Running to the door, Stella pulled on the handle as the wind continued to swirl around her. She kicked at the bottom of the door, desperate to escape.

A banging from the other side stopped her as well as the wind. “What are you doing in there? Tell me you’re not destroying the place.” Max’s voice.

Stella wanted to smack him. He was so damn logical all the time. Did he really think, she, as a realtor, who was trusted to have free access to her clients’ homes, would trash them because she was mad at some jerk who totally thought of her as a liar? What an arrogant twit he was.

“I’m not tearing up anything. There’s a demon in here. Open the door and let me out.”

Max turned the knob. It jiggled but didn’t open. “Are you holding it shut? I don’t have time for games, Stella. I’m finding those keys and you’re on your own as soon as I lay my hands on them.”

She slumped to the floor. He was really going to leave her there. She had no doubt about that.

Realizing her bag with her supplies from her grandmother were in this room, she crawled over to them. When she was in the corner with her back to the wall. She made a salt barrier around herself. Now she was ready for whatever might come. Well, at least she hoped so.



  1. Good gracious! Sounds like a haunting is taking place. Well done!

    • Thanks Vicki. Strange things are afoot!

  2. Oh my! And you leave us there? Great scene.

    • 🙂 thanks Susanne. I had to stop somewhere. LOL

  3. Oh wow, love this intense scene! Great use of the prompt to make it a rancid wind. I hope he sees something soon so that he’ll relax his logic and believe her. Thank goodness she had her salt in the room!

    • Thanks Flossie. I hope he does, too. He’s starting to annoy me. Lol.


  4. Wonderful snippet! And a very creative way to use the prompt! Well done!

    • Thanks TrishaFaye.


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