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Tuesday Tales- July 2, 2019- Hardly

I finished my ghost story and it will come out sometime in October (If I ever decide on a title- 🙂 ) – How can a whole book come together and no title? Beats me!

I’ve started a new story about a group of people who only know each other on their morning and evening commutes. A conversation with my son and daughter-in-law inspired me to work on this one – and believe it or not- it had a title before I started working on it. Crazy, yeah?

Here is the part of the opening chapter where the heroine has been describing the other commuters- and then herself- the word of the week for Tuesday Tales is hardly. If fit right in.

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new TT Feb 2018

Kent is the friendliest of us all. He roams around the carriage chatting to anyone and everyone. He still lives at home with this parents and I think he doesn’t get enough socialization with people his own age. I think he’s twenty-three or four. I can relate to him somewhat as I think he’s never had a girlfriend and I’ve never even dated. Once in a while, he tries to flirt with the girls who want Jonathan’s attention. Sadly, Kent isn’t successful. I think it’s because the women are shallow as they’re only paying attention to looks. Kent is short and balding already, but he’s really full of wit and kindness and deserves a chance. I’ve told him many times there will be a girl for him, but I wonder since there sure hasn’t been a man for me. Of course, he has more going for him than I ever did.

And that leaves me. Jane. Plain old Jane with the sand-colored hair that hangs limply and the freckled face with the nose that’s slightly too big. I was named after my mother’s favorite author, Jane Austen. Like Miss Austen, I’ve never married. Heck, I’ve never even been kissed. A thirty-six year old virgin—who didn’t get asked to prom, didn’t get asked to the burger joint on Friday nights in high school and who missed out on the whole orgy that was my college dorm experience. No one ever crept down the hallway of the coed dorm to come to my room. My friends all talked about this boy or that boy and I just went to classes and got my useless degree.

I might be sad about all that, but I keep it inside and keep moving through my days at my boring job pulling packages for Amazon and getting them to the boxing department to be mailed. It’s a good job, boring but, as someone who hardly anything ever happens to, it’s perfect for me.

Train to work, train home, and in between, I get to take a peek into other people’s lives and imagine their excitement as their purchases reach their front porch and they cut the tape on the box. The ones that order sex toys intrigue me the most. What lives they must lead. Of course, they could be as lonely as me, but I prefer to think they are having a wild time with them.


  1. Great snippet! I also spend time people watching and wondering what their loves are like when I’m out in public. Clever idea for a book!

    • Thanks. When my DIL and son were talking about the fact that some of the same people always rode in the same car on her train commute when she used to work in Boston, it totally sparked this story.

  2. Wow! Looking forward to more of this and hoping for excitement and maybe love for them both.

    • Thanks Susanne- I know something’s going to happen…just not what. Lol


  3. This is a very sad beginning. I hope you’re going to give her a life. I suspect she might end up with the balding guy, but I’m waiting with baited breath!! Great beginning.

    • Oh, she IS going to get a life. Lots of excitement coming her way!  I initially thought the same as you on who she might end up with, but the story is going away from that. I love the adventure of pantsing.  LOL 

  4. I love this start! I really, really hope something exciting happens to Jane, maybe with a sex toy? Great job!

    • some excitement is coming……

  5. I LOVE the start of this new story! I can’t wait to read more.
    Funny about titles, I’ve had several that I’ve had the title before I even knew the whole story or plot. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a tale without knowing what I wanted to title it though.
    I love the premise of this and am waiting for more snippets now!

    • Thanks , I’m glad you like it. I’ve had stories with titles first. This is like the 3rd time I’ve had the whole story and no title. It’s killing me. Lol


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