Posted by: Author | July 22, 2019

Tuesday Tales- July 22, 2019- Hardy

Today’s word is Hardy for the Tuesday Tales ladies. I lost my manuscript and freaked out, but finally found it in the recycle bin of my computer. *whew*  I used the prompt in a different way — hopefully, no one else did the same.  🙂

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new TT Feb 2018

I staggered toward Martin’s seat as the train rumbled on.

When I got to his side, he’d stopped the rocking back and forth but was still clearly upset. I took hold of his hand. “It’s all right. They’re separated now.”

“I can’t deal with people arguing. I just can’t.”

“That’s perfectly understandable. I’m with you on that. I’d much rather people get along. Drama is not fun.” I was hoping to distract him, but he kept staring at Rashmi.

“How can she treat her son like that?” Martin’s face was still ashen. “He has a problem and she doesn’t care. She’s terrible.”

“That’s not really fair, Martin. All we know is what we see on this train twice a day. We have no idea what all has gone on over the years at their home. She’s always trying to help him into rehab and now, it seems he’s taken off again when she had to work hard to get him admitted.”

“Of course you’d take her side. Women always stick together.”

“Hang on a second, Martin,” Kent said. “Jane’s right. Who knows the whole story except Rashmi and her son? We can’t judge what just happened.”

Hardy, har, har. Maybe you two can’t, but I can. Anyone who smacks someone else around deserves to be judged. Clearly, the two of you lead sheltered lives.”

“Hardly,” Kent said. He walked away and I was tempted to do the same. This man was our friend we’d been worried about for a long time and now he was acting like we were the villains? Pfft.

“I think you’re wrong, Martin, but we’re all entitled to our opinions.” I shook my head. “I came over here to comfort you as you seemed to be upset, but since you’re fine, I’ll head back to my seat.”

“Yeah, over there by your bum boyfriend.” This man who I thought was meek actually sneered at me. How could I have been so mistaken about him for so long?



  1. So glad you found your manuscript. Great snippet and clever use of the prompt!

    • I’m glad I found it too. A bit of panic on a Monday morning. Thanks re: use of prompt.

  2. Whoa! Talk about bitter.No one should use violence on others, but when people see it happen and do nothing, that’s not right either. Still, like Jane says, until you know everything … difficult scene well done.

    • Thanks. Someone did intervene in the violence. I just didn’t post that part. It was too far back and would’ve made the post over 800 words.


      • That’s what happens. I’ll soon be leaping ahead too, or the book will never get finished.

      • I totally get that!  🙂 

  3. I’m starting not to like Kent. Something is clearly up with him. And I am so glad you found your manuscript!

    • Thanks Tricia. Something is up with him. I can’t wait to find out myself.  LOL 

      AND I am glad I found it, too!! Whew!

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