Posted by: Author | August 7, 2019

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I knew you were looking for a car…you got a Beemer? Sleek!

    • yes. I got it last week- it’s a 2014 but had less than 22,000 miles on it. The only other owner- the husband is 88 and the wife 83, thus the low miles. I decided to go used this time to keep myself from that big loss of value in the first year.

  2. Okay, your car was nice. This, though, WOW. It looks really gorgeous and decadent and, well, you deserve this treat!

    • Thanks. Lol. I’ve had it a week and am enjoying it. It’s smarter than me, though. Still trying to figure stuff out. Hahah. It drives nicely.


      • Good for you! I can imagine that it has all kinds of bells and whistles. It took me a while to figure out my latest car. Enjoy the ride!

      • It’s crazy how many tricks it knows. Yesterday, I learned it would automatically slow down in the pouring rain when I was sitting at a traffic light.  Weird.  LOL

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