Posted by: Author | October 16, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

2015-10-23 12.30.52


  1. What? Has fall finally arrived? I generally suspect temperatures cooling as the cause for trees changing color. Is it finally happening for you? If so, ‘ray!!!!!

    • Lol. No. This is Fall River, Massachusetts. Several years ago. Trying to get in the mood. It is supposed to get to the 50s tonight. For a little while.


  2. Great picture! We had some temps dip into the 30s, but with the terrible heat and then drought, there is almost no color here,(it’s generally dull except for a few trees in the best years).
    Hard to get into an Autumnal mood.I have a nice Fall picture from my nephew-in-law as a desktop, so I guess we are thinking alike.

    • No autumn color here either. Had to grab this one from my last trip to New England. 🙂

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