Posted by: Author | November 20, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_5184 (2)


  1. Hi, cutie! I love the striations in her fur. Ummm, her, right?

    • Yes. Her.  She’s very pretty. And loves people!  

  2. Tortoiseshells! Beautiful and caring cats. Even the feral one that the vet and humane society had deemed “unfit to be with humans” warmed up, (after years of being in the house), to coming out to welcome all visitors.

    • this one absolutely loves people. I picked her up at a restaurant – you could see her ribs and spine – she ate four cans of food when I got her to the office.  She is so happy here and grateful.  She’s all about being with people.  Anyone will do.  LOL

    • glad yours warmed up!

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