Posted by: Author | February 20, 2020

Book Review- My Daddy is a Hero: How Chris Watts Went From Family Man to Family Killer

I received this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review. 513wLH+cX1L

The murders first caught my attention when the family of Christopher Watts went missing. It particularly grabbed my eye because of the way he behaved on interviews I saw on television.

I’ve been the victim of narcissistic abuse in my life by someone who I thought was a friend for a very long time. I ignored a lot of her behavior as her just being different, but as time went on, I realized she really had a deeply rooted mental problem. I put up with her treatment of me until one chilling moment when I realized I needed to cut off the friendship/relationship. I began to research and learn about narcissism, attachment disorder and the various traits of someone with those personality disorders.

When I saw the TV footage of this man, Chris Watts, I saw my former friend in his actions and in his demeanor and lack of affect. His demeanor was completely inappropriate for the circumstances he was in. It was alarming to watch and I knew then he’d done something awful to his family.

When given the chance to read this book, I was already curious about his mental makeup and since the author is a psychotherapist, I was intrigued to read it and get her perspective.

I wasn’t disappointed. She had meticulously researched the case as well as reviewing the forensic evidence. This included text messages from Shanann, Chris and his paramour as well as reviews of police reports, court transcripts, and interviews. Her discussions of certain mental disorders was intriguing. How she showed what was in Chris’ mind and his lack of remorse for his actions was validating in many ways with behavior I’ve witnessed for myself in my own experience. Of course, my experience wasn’t fatal, but so much of what she said rang true. I found myself nodding along as I read her words.

This was a horrific crime and this man should never be freed – it’s clear from the analysis of Derhally he doesn’t have the ability to feel remorse or be reformed.

The book was a hard read- not because it was complicated but because it was so tragic. Shanann trusted the wrong man – the man she thought loved her and her children. My heart hurts for her family and friends.  I recommend this book – to TRY to understand this case.  Those of us with normal psyches will have a difficult time understanding Chris Watts’ brain, but Derhally sheds light in those dark corners.


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