Posted by: Author | April 22, 2020

Wordless Wednesday- Cover Reveal

LordOfMisrule-HiRes (1)


  1. Congratulations! The appeal of this cover is great. Do you know what grabbed my interest first? The fabrics in their clothing! You can just ‘see’ how it feels, and I want to get into the story. Then I saw the great title. “Misrule”; intriguing.
    Best of luck with The Lord!

    • thanks.  I  loved the texture of her dress so much. It made me happy. It’s very appealing, isn’t it?  

  2. Oooh, really nice cover. Very appealing and the colors are calming and make me want to turn the book over to read the blurb. Well done! When does it release?

    • Thanks. I loved it so I wanted to grab it while I could as I got it from a premade cover group with her adding my title and name. The book is still with the editor so I am aiming for end of May.  

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