Posted by: Author | May 18, 2020

Tuesday Tales- May 19, 2020- String

This week’s word prompt for the writer’s of Tuesday Tales is string. I am still working on my Regency Christmas story.

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A tap on the shoulder startled him. Turning his head, he said, “George Pettifer, what are you playing? Sneaking up on a chap like that.”

“It’s not like you to hide behind the foliage. You are usually dancing with some young lady or more likely, trying to lure one away from the sight of her chaperone. Is that the plan here? Seems rather daring.” George nudged him in the side.

“I was taking a rest before the next round of dancing.”

George tilted his head toward the dance floor. “You rarely have a free dance. By the time you are announced at the door, there are a string of eligible misses lined up for you to select a reel, minuet or country dance.”

“I kept my commitments light this evening.” Charles hated to lie but he actually didn’t sign anyone’s card this evening. This was his first foray back into society since his extreme actions before the summer. He knew his secret was still safe, but he was still a bit leery about being out at a ball. He had not felt like he could say no to his host and hostess though as they were old friends of the family. They had even sent a special card requesting his attendance. So here he stood. Hiding like a coward.

Across the room, the butler announced, “Lord and Lady Cavanaugh.”

Charles’s stomach contracted and he found he could not catch his breath. They are here. Now what?

George nudged him. “What happened between you and James Cavanaugh? You, he and William Hume always were together. After Hume died, I thought you and Cavanaugh would still be at White’s together or sparring the boxing ring, but we never see the two of you together now.”

“He got married. That’s why we don’t see each other. The bachelor life does not continue when there is a bride.” Charles let the lie fall from his lips with ease. This was the answer he’d practiced for these occasions.

Darting a glance over George’s head to see where Cavanaugh might be, he swallowed hard. It looked like Cavanaugh was headed right in his direction. No escape.



  1. Well done. The man is in knots. It’s amazing how easily lying to save face comes and how often it occurs. This encounter should be interesting.

    • Thanks Susanne. He’s a complicated man and I’m liking writing him


  2. I love the tension you’ve built up here! And now I need to be the fly on the wall when the two men meet. Lordy! It’s going to be grand. And your use of the word prompt is wonderful, and original. Loving this story!!

    • Thanks Jean.  Glad you are liking it.  And thanks re: prompt usage. 🙂 

  3. Clever use of the prompt! This man is so intriguing in his thoughts and behavior. I ponder on his every word. Well done!

    • Thanks Flossie. That’s high praise indeed.

  4. Wonderful use of the prompt!

  5. Uhoh! I can feel his anxiety for being there and how much he wishes he wasn’t. I so want to know what happened to get him to this spot. Great job

    • Thanks.  Lord of Misrule, my book coming out next week- Honora’s story- is the novel that leads to this Christmas story.  Charles plays a big part in the novel.  

  6. Great snippet! Excellent way to use the word prompt!

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