Posted by: Author | June 1, 2020

Tuesday Tales- June 2, 2020- Jar

Time for Tuesday Tales again. This week we are writing to the word jar.  I’m still working on my Regency Christmas story and dragging out the torture for you all who want to know what’s up.  Bwahahaah.

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He didn’t take the time to stop and speak to Lord Ferguson as he’d told George. After all, it was a fabrication that he needed to in the first place. Beside, George wouldn’t be paying attention anyway.

Charles involuntarily glanced over his shoulder at the thought. Shocked to see George still watching him, he smiled sheepishly. George quirked his eyebrows. That’s wonderful now he thinks I was making up a reason to get away from him. He snorted. Of course I was. Not for the reason he thinks but because I can’t bear to have the first conversation with Cavanaugh since the incident.

A jar at his elbow startled him. He whirled around to see who ran into him.


“I didn’t expect to see you here, Lockwood.” The man he was avoiding stood beside him.

“I was afraid you’d be here. I’m on my way out. I promise to be gone before your wife finds us together. I almost stayed home but I knew our hostess would never forgive me if I did.”

“You cannot avoid us forever. London is a small town—especially with those of our station. Just make sure you do not ask my wife to dance or engage in conversation with her.”

“I have no intention of engaging in any exchange with her at all. Trust me.”

“We are both required to be courteous and I hope we can do so. I want to thank you for keeping quiet about what happened in the spring.” Cavanaugh shook his head. “Especially now that her sister has returned from Italy. One scandal per family is a lot. They were not gone long enough for the public one to die down. I’d appreciate no fuel be added to that gossip fire.”

“You know very well I am in no position to say a thing. You’d have me in prison if I did.”

“I would take no joy in that. I do still have fond memories of when we were in the regiment together.”

“As do I. I only wish I had not ruined our friendship.”

“That is definitely on you, my friend. It is all on you.” Cavanaugh turned to walk away.

“There you are, darling,” a woman’s voice.

Charles recognized it in the split second before she looked up at him. Her eyes got huge and she said, “Oh.”



  1. The plot thickens. Love it!

    • Thanks Susanne.


  2. That evil laugh!!! The scene did a great job of weaving more of the mysterious web.

    • Lol. I couldn’t resist the laugh. Eventually, I’m going to have to reveal…..


  3. Ooooo that evil laugh!

  4. Oh my goodness! That was an intriguing exchange. I’m definitely going to have to read this book and I can hardly wait for next week to see what happens next. You’re the cliffhanger queen!

    • Thanks. I love to do that. Just not at the end of a book. Lol

  5. Scandal! Oh, wow. Things are about to get heated fast. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia  🙂 

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