Posted by: Author | July 13, 2020

Tuesday Tales- July 14, 2020- Picture Prompt

It’s time for Tuesday Tales.  This week, the authors of TT are writing to a photo. I’m still in my Regency Christmas story.

Check out the other Tales here. We’re limited to 300 words this week (mine is 301- oops!).

91456918_10218914790799589_7888604103721353216_ott fire

Horrified and in a panic, he looked over at George. “What have I done or said to make you think this was a place I’d want to visit?” Even with the warmth of the fire, Charles could feel his own heat rise. He needed to get out of here. Before someone noticed him.

George’s face probably reflected his own. The man appeared terrified and a flush rose up his cheeks. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I was mistaken. I beg your forgiveness and hope you’ll not discuss this with anyone. I know it’s a crime and I plead with you not to report me to the magistrate.”

“Even if I were inclined to do so, how would I explain my own presence here?” Charles pulled at his neck cloth. Is it getting hotter in here? “Be assured. Your secret is safe with me.”

Still curious why George would invite him here, Charles decided to slake his curiosity at a later time. Right now it was vital he make his escape. Immediately.

With one last longing look at the cozy fire before heading toward the door and the frigid streets, Charles said, “Please call round my home tomorrow to discuss this in detail.”

George paled. “So you’re going to report me after all?”

“No. I can’t afford to be seen here. Charles pulled on his overcoat. “Frankly, I’m shocked you’d take the risk yourself.”

Before George could say anything further, Charles moved as quickly as he dare toward the exit. Head down, he made it just as it opened, admitting several other men. They weren’t as well-dressed as Charles and he briefly wondered if they were there to cause trouble. He couldn’t afford to stay and find out.

Brushing past them, he kept his face averted and made it to the street.


  1. Definitely not the way I thought this was going. Love the sense of intrigue. Well done.

    • Thanks Flossie. I like to keep readers on their toes. Lol


  2. Wow! Yes, this kind of activity was a crime back then. I’m wondering what Charles is going to say to his friend and who the men are who are coming through the door. Intriguing to say the least! Well done.

    • Thanks Jean.  For sure it was a crime- even up to modern times- such a sad part of history. 

  3. So much tension! Love it What did they do to be so against being there? I can’t wait to find out. Great job!

  4. Poor George, thinking Charles is going to turn him in, and poor Charles, trying to get out of there in a hurry. I look forward to more of the story!

    • Thanks Flossie. I’m pleased with how it’s going.


  5. Wow, talk about tension. I hope neither one of them gets into any troubles.

    • Thanks Vicki. Me, too. 😁

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