Posted by: Author | July 20, 2020

Tuesday Tales- July 21, 2020- Brand

The word the Tuesday Tales writers are using this week as our prompt is brand.  I had a bit of a challenge fitting it into my Regency era story, but I did it. 🙂

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Seated in his drawing room the next morning, Charles swung his crossed leg as he waited impatiently for George to show up. They would have to have a conversation about the evening before. It was a complete mystery to him why George would have him meet him there.

His butler opened the door. “Mr. Lockwood, the new wine casks have arrived. Would you like me to have them taken to the cellar or would you like to inspect them first?”

Charles stood, relieved to have a task to take his mind off the upcoming visit with George. Flicking his coattails, he said, “I’ll come and try a glass. Last time we ordered wine, it was not quite up to the quality I expect.”

“Yes, sir. I took the liberty of ordering from a different vintner this time for that very reason.”

“Good man.” Charles followed his butler to the receiving area near the back door. He didn’t usually venture to this part of his house, but he needed a distraction.

“I’ll draw off a taste for you, sir.” The butler snapped his fingers to the closest kitchen maid. “A cup for Mr. Lockwood.”

She passed a small pewter drinking cup to the butler as Charles used his right index finger to trace the brand burned into the wood showing the initials of the winery as well as the quality of the goods. It was one he did not recognize. “Where did you order this?”

“From Johnson & Justerini in St. James’s. This is a new winery they have started to do business with. I believe the Prince Regent ordered the same wine. At least that is what I was told. I hope it meets with your approval.”

“If Prinny likes it, who am I to say it is not wonderful.” From what he knew, the Prince Regent was a discerning drinker, so he was fairly confident this wine would be exceptional. “Although I am surprised he would use the same spirits merchant as his father. I thought they did not agree on anything.”

“Perhaps they have one thing in common.” The butler cracked a small smile as he handed the wine to his employer to try.




  1. Love the tactile use of the prompt! How wonderful to have such a large home where this would happen– “He didn’t usually venture to this part of his house.” More more more!

    • thanks Flossie! ❤

  2. I agree with Flossie. I could almost feel the brand with my fingers as he did. And the dialogue is snappy and realistic. What a wonderful butler! Charles should give him a raise. Love the way you pull me in with small details so true to the time — like the pewter cup. Well done.

  3. Great snippet. Life was so interesting back then, but only if you had money. Imagine a house so big you could ignore sections of it.

    • for sure. What a life the rich had over the poor.

  4. I am dying to know about that conversation with George. I love the conversation with the butler over the wine. I can see and feel the casks. Great job!

  5. Wonderful snippet! Great dialogue and interaction. I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to know more about the conversation coming up with George. And I love how you used the word prompt and worked it in so seamlessly.

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