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Tuesday Tales- August 25, 2020- Bark

It’s Tuesday Tales day again. Time to read some story snippets.  This week, the word prompt is bark.  I used it two ways. I almost went with a third when I added the tree, but thought that might be overkill. 🙂 This is still my Regency Christmas story.

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After the priest prayed for him to find peace and open himself up for new love, Charles made his way to the side of the nave and lit a candle. “Go in peace, my love. I’ll never forget you.”

He turned too fast and barked his shin on the closest pew.

It took everything in him not to let out the word that almost came. The priest was still close by and it wouldn’t do at all for the man to hear such irreverent utterances. Much less in this holy place where I don’t deserve to be.

Sticking to a mild “ouch,” Charles hobbled to the double doors and back out into the cold.

Sending a wistful glance in the direction of the Hume mausoleum, he walked toward the closest café. A hot drink was just what he needed. A toast to the past as I move into the future.

He stopped beside a tree at the entrance to the café and knelt down to pat a dog sitting there. “Aren’t you cold? I know I am. Where do you live, boy?”

The dog let out a little woof—not even close to a bark—more like he didn’t have the energy to unleash a respectable sound.

A man stepped out of the cafe. “Is that your animal, sir?”

“No. I was merely talking to him.” Charles knew he sounded like a ninny, but the words came out anyway.

“If you’re on familiar enough terms with the creature, can you ask him to find somewhere else to sit? He’s been there for days. He needs to clear off.” The man waved a small towel in the general direction of the dog and Charles. “Shoo. Off you go.”

“Do you have any information on where the animal lives? I could try to take him there.” Why am I thinking about helping this dog? Surely he’ll find his way home.

“No idea. Just take him home with you. He seems to like you.”

Charles contemplated the black and white creature who stared at him with his head cocked and one ear up as if he were paying attention to the conversation. Maybe this is a step in the direction of opening my heart to love as the priest suggested.

“I will take him.” Charles took a calling card from his coat. “If anyone tries to claim the dog, have them call on me.”

The man took the card and looked at it. “I doubt it will happen but I will put it behind the counter.”

To his surprise, when Charles turned to walk away, the dog followed him as if they’d been together for years. Now to find the creature something to eat. He had to be starving.


  1. Sounds like a pairing made in heaven. I’m glad he found him, and I’m looking forward to more of your story! Great use of the prompt.

    • Thanks Flossie. This was not the way I expected this story to go. I love it when serendipity happens. 😁


  2. Interesting turn of events. Love the way you first used the prompt. Well done.

    • Thanks. It was a surprise turn of events even for me. Lol 😆


  3. Awww, I love this scene! Rescuing an abandoned dog on a cold winter’s night. What could be more touching? And after his loss, he and the dog have that in common. Well done. Touching without going over the top.

    • Aww.  thanks Jean. I didn’t even think about the dog having loss.  Thanks for pointing out I was brilliant without knowing it.  Bwhahaha.  🙂 

  4. Aww, what a touching scene! Well done!

    • Thanks Vicky

  5. I love that he found a new friend in the dog and that they instantly bonded. I can’t wait to see them interact more. Good job!

    • thanks Tricia.  I am debating what to name the dog now.  Charles needs to decide!  🙂 

  6. Ahhhh! He just won my heart by taking the poor thing with him. I hope the furry one stays in the story.

    • Thanks trishafaye I think the dog is there to stay but as a pantser, who knows. Lol.


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