Posted by: Author | September 14, 2020

Tuesday Tales- September 14, 2020- Skinny

Sorry I was out the last few weeks. I was super sick and couldn’t focus at all. But I am back this week- still in the Christmas story. Maybe I will get it finished by NEXT Christmas at the rate I’m going.

This week’s word the authors of Tuesday Tales is skinny.

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They moved along at a quick pace, both man and dog battling the cold.

Finally, Charles spied the stable where he’d left his carriage and driver. He made haste to the warmth he anticipated inside the premises.

When his man spotted him entering, he dashed over. “You must be frozen through. I have a brick warming for the carriage and will have you ready to go in a moment. He glanced down at the dog. “Where did you find that skinny little cur?”

“He was outside a café and I took pity on him. I am taking him home.”

The man pulled his forelock. “Yes, sir. I’ll have you both cozy and home in no time.”

Charles headed to his carriage and helped the dog inside.

Once they were both onboard, Charles grabbed the fur pelt he kept inside and wrapped himself in it.

The dog looked at him piteously. Even though the creature needed a bath in the worst way, Charles couldn’t stand to see the poor thing shivering. “Oh come on then.” He opened his arm, exposing a spot for the dog to snuggle up to him.

The dog wasted no time and leapt up on the seat. He huddled under the blanket and practically purred like a cat.

The driver picked that moment to bring the heated brick to place at Charles’ feet. Charles ducked his head down at the expression on his man’s face.

Not that he was embarrassed. Oh no, that wasn’t it. Couldn’t be, could it?

Charles cleared his throat. “We need to hurry home. I am unsure when this animal last ate and I would like to be sure he has something soon. Take us around to the back door and I’ll take him in through the kitchen to see what Cook can find to feed him.”

His driver looked at his employer as if he was daft, but merely nodded and tugged hi forelock again. “Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”


  1. It looks like things may work out for man and beast. Good job.

    • Thanks Susanne.


  2. Aww, a man who is tender-hearted toward a dog grabs my heart. How lovely is this scene! And if his driver doesn’t get it, well, too bad for him.

    • Thanks Jean. I think it’s more he’s surprised at the tenderness.


  3. Anyone who is good to a dog is a-okay in my book! Well done.

    • thanks! I think so, too!

  4. He just became a favorite in my books, taking on the poor stray like that. Loved the scene!

    And I understand about finishing (or NOT finishing, as the case may be) Christmas stories. I’m trying to finish some up now that I started in 2018 and 2019 LOL Good luck with yours!

    • Thanks TrishaFaye. I am liking this side of him too.  AND finishing….yeah.  that.  

  5. I love his commitment to the dog. It is so sweet! I can’t wait to ready more of their bond. Great job!

    • thanks Tricia.  I love this dog, too.  He came out of nowhere.  LOL

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