Posted by: Author | October 12, 2020

Tuesday Tales- October 13, 2020- Picture Prompt

Time for Tuesday Tales again. I am working on the never ending story- the Regency Christmas story. I chose the picture of a dog (it looks spring, but my tale is winter). .

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The cold air continued to pierce through Charles’ greatcoat but he was determined to check on George. It really was unforgivable of him not to have at least sent a messenger to let George know he was concerned. Determined to confess why he had not done anything since that night, but not knowing how to put it into words, Charles focused on anything besides the upcoming conversation.

“What to name that dog. Yes. That is a way to occupy my mind before arriving at George’s rooms.”

A young girl carrying a basket passed by and cast a quick look at him as if he was not sane as he walked along talking to himself. She sped up and moved along as if she were being chased by a person intent on doing her harm.

Truth be told, he did sometimes feel as if he were one step away from Bedlam. He shuddered. Not from the cold but from the very real possibility of ending up there.

Think about the dog, think about the dog, think about the dog.

Charles tipped his hat to two men walking in the opposite direction and tucked his gloved hand quickly back into his pocket. Maybe I should have stayed with the dog in front of the fire rather than coming on this fool’s errand.

He walked on, increasing his pace and hoping George’s landlady had a nice blaze burning in the grate in her drawing room.

In a few more moments—too fast for his peace of mind—he was at the door to his friend’s lodgings. He sucked in a deep breath and knocked.


  1. I think we all can relate to feeling like we’re one step away from bedlam anymore. Great snippet!

    • I’m more like 1/2 step away these last few weeks. 😁

  2. As Vicki said, easy to relate to that feeling, especially now. Well done.

    • Thanks Susanne.  I totally relate.  

  3. You have built up the intensity and anxiety so well here. He wants to go and yet wishes to be back home. Love the bedlam line!

    • thanks, Flossie.  I appreciate the compliment on my work.

  4. I’m chiming in on the bedlam line, too. But also I can relate to his feeling of dread in anticipation of meeting up with his friend. Who hasn’t felt that way from time to time. Great job!

    • We have def all felt that dread sometimes. and yep, somedays we all belong in Bedlam

  5. Ah, don’t stop there! I want to know what is said between them. The dog is going to be good for him with all the discord in his life. Great job!

  6. Great snippet! I’m loving this story with his attachment to the stray dog. It warms my heart.

    • thanks TrishaFaye

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