Posted by: Author | December 14, 2020

Tuesday Tales- January 15, 2020- Brazen

The writers of Tuesday Tales are writing this week to the word brazen. I am still working on my paranormal story.

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“Do many people win when they challenge wills?” Sophronia’s palms were sweating. Marcus and his temper really rattled her.

“Not if they were prepared by a competent lawyer with ethics.” He smiled. “And I assure you, I am that.”

“Thank you. I’m relieved to hear it. I’ve been on the verge of coming in and telling you I don’t want the house as I’ve been worried about it.”

“Was that why you came here today? To turn down the inheritance?”

“No. I wanted to talk to you about Marcus. I’m afraid he’s been following me. Someone was in the house the other day and someone also came in my apartment and searched through my papers.”

“And you think it was him?” A worried frown passed over his brow. “I know he’s brazen and a hothead, but I can’t believe he’d break the law like that. It’s troubling.”

Talk about an understatement. Troubling? Sophronia wanted to say something sarcastic, but bit it back. “I don’t know him at all, I’m afraid. Only from the day in your conference room when you read the will. I’d never seen him before that day.”

“Have you alerted the authorities? If not, perhaps you should. Or invest in a security system.”

“I haven’t done anything yet. All of this just happened this past weekend.” Coming here was a mistake. He isn’t going to help.

Mr. Brundidge looked at his watch. “I’m sorry, but I have another appointment soon. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Considering he hadn’t helped her at all, Sophronia thought the use of the word else was a little over the top. “I just wondered if Mr. Wright ever told you why he’d leave his house to me. Why wouldn’t he leave it to family?”

“All he ever said was his grandchildren never came to see him and you were kind and always concerned about him.”


  1. Poor woman. Hope she finds answers soon. Well done.

    • Thanks, Susanne

  2. Nice to know he appreciated her kindness. Too bad his grandchildren weren’t more attentive. But I hope she keeps the house and finds a HEA there. Enjoying this story and looking forward to the next installment.

    • Thanks Jean. Grandchildren who ignore grandparents is a particular peeve of mine. I have a nephew like that. Heartbreaking

  3. Poor thing. I hope things work out for her.

    • Thanks. Me, too!

  4. Oh – you can NOT stop there. (Oh, wait, yes you can. You have to, we’re limited on words LOL) It’s always so disappointing when I want to KEEP reading….and the words run out.
    Great job!

    • I am with you on the word count thing- sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and end to make that word count make the most sense and to end on a high note. 

  5. Oh, the fact that he didn’t even help makes me so angry. I am intrigued to know the real reason she got the house. Great job!

    • thanks Tricia.  There wasn’t much he could have done anyway.  Calling police was the best advice he could give her.  🙂 

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