Posted by: Author | December 28, 2020

Tuesday Tales- December 29, 2020- Year

The writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt of year in this last week of 2020. I am still working on the paranormal story.

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Sophronia clocked out at four and left the assistant manager in charge.

As soon as she got in her car, her phone rang. She sighed. Yes, she had blue tooth capability in her ten year old Volvo, but she still didn’t want to drive and talk. The goal in leaving a bit early was to pick up Haydn, feed him and head out to Oak Street.

But the phone call was Alice so she picked up. “I’m in the car getting ready to go get Haydn.”

“Okay. I’ll be quick. You’re off early. I thought I’d catch you still at your desk.”

“Slow day,” Sophronia lied. She wasn’t going to tell Alice the real reason as she wanted some alone time in the attic.

“Sorry. That’s not good. More online shopping again, I guess.”

Sophronia didn’t want to rush her friend but she did want to drive on to get her pet. “I’m glad you called. I haven’t had a chance to talk to you this week.” Sophronia almost said it was a hectic one, but she’d just lied about today’s busy day. She caught herself before she made the lie worse. This is why I try to tell the truth.

“I just wanted to let you know I’ve been talking to Matthew—by the way, he told me he ran into you Monday night—and he’s done some research on your house.”

“Did he tell you how he ran into me?”

“No. Why? I presumed it was one of those random things that happen in life.” She paused a second. “Wait. I know you and your vivid imagination. Did you think he followed you?”

Hearing the indignation in her friend’s voice, Sophronia forced herself to say, “No. no. Of course not. What I meant was it was dark and he didn’t identify himself walking behind me. It kind of freaked me out.”

Alice laughed. “Yeah. He did tell me that part. I told him he shouldn’t do that. You read too many murder mysteries and true crime books.”

A little peeved she’d shared this part of Sophronia’s life with a stranger, she tried to keep the anger out of her voice when she said, “Did he find out anything interesting about my house?”


  1. Having someone walk behind me like that would freak me out too. Well done.

    • Me too. 😬 Thanks.


  2. Her friend seems to take danger a tad lightly. Having someone walk up behind me would freak me out, too. We need situational awareness! Also, I’m with her on the phone talking– I just don’t like it much. Great excerpt!

    • Totally agree on situational awareness. I’m very cognizant of that all the time. And her friend is blinded by infatuation. Lol. I don’t like the phone either. 😂


  3. Well done! I’m with the others, someone walking up behind me would freak me out as well.

    • Same here. I’m super paranoid about that.

  4. Ah! Don’t stop there! What’s the news on her house? I love how I can tell just how irritated she is by the words you use. Great job!!

    • thanks Tricia! I appreciate it!

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