Posted by: Author | January 6, 2021

Wordless Wednesday


  1. The first thought in my mind was Edinburgh, but I doubt that’s right. Still, it’s UK somewhere, right? My heart goes out to them. They are being hit soooo hard right now with COVID-19.

    • It is Edinburgh. Good eye!  The view out my hotel window on my last trip to Scotland.  I am sad for them, too.  AND us who can’t travel as well. I so miss being out in the world and I know they do as well.  Praying for Covid to take a long hike on a short bridge and soon!  

  2. As soon as I saw it, I said “Scotland”! The Joyce clan members who are heavy into genealogy traced the name back to Joass, in Scotland. After all the generations in Ireland,(and all the intermarrying), they have now decided that they are Scots, and even came up with a coat of arms which we really aren’t entitled to use and a tartan, (which I think was only recently developed). One was even online sporting a tam and kilt, (and Rob Roy, he isn’t!) Still, I would love to see Scotland.

    • haha!  I love that-  If you want to be Scottish, just be!  LOL!   My paternal line is from the MacDonald clan.  It is such a beautiful country. One of my favorites.  

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