Posted by: Author | February 1, 2021

Tuesday Tales – February 2, 2021- Anxious

This week’s word for the writers of Tuesday Tales is anxious. I am still in my paranormal tale.

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Craig cleared his throat. “The box has been opened a few times by cold case detectives, but he’s optimistic it could still be there.”

“Will you get the current people to take a look?”

“When I get a chance to talk to them. Today’s the last day I’m riding with Parker and it’s been pretty busy. It seems the bad players in town are revving up for the holiday.”

“Be careful out there.” Sophronia couldn’t bear the thought of losing him after just finding him again.

“I am. Having to be on my toes as Parker is on the warpath for some reason.”

“Didn’t I tell you she has a thing for you? She’s probably angry you’re not going to be her partner any longer.”

“Na, she always knew this was temporary.” He laughed it off.

“Did you tell her we’re back together?” Sophronia knew he had and, in her gut, she knew the woman would not be happy about it. Parker had made it clear that night of the attack that she didn’t like Sophronia and thought Craig was making a mistake being so helpful when he insisted on taking her to the hospital.  

“You know, you may be right after all. Now that you mention it, she started being in a foul mood within minutes of me telling her about you.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“Nothing. It doesn’t matter. We won’t be partners and will rarely cross paths. It’s not a big deal.” He coughed. “But speaking of crossing paths, I ran across your pal Matthew today.”

“You did? How so? Did you go looking for him?” Anxious that Craig may have done something to get himself in trouble at work, she sighed deeply. “I hope you didn’t do anything rash.”

“No way. I merely asked him to give me the key Haydn found.”

Her stomach dropped. “Did you get it?”

“Not yet. He said he accidently pocketed it that day and he’d get it back to you soon.”


  1. Great scene. Glad they’re together again. I hope Parker won’t cause too much trouble.

    • Thanks Suzanne! Me too re: Parker


  2. Accidentally pocketed it? Hah! A likely story. Sooo why is he keeping the key? Like these two and especially because he admitted Parker was probably jealous. Great story!

    • Thanks. Yep, that “accident” lol.


  3. Wonderful excerpt!!

  4. Oh dear, I wonder what impediment Parker has in mind. Great job with this!

  5. I sense jealousy when she asks Craig about if he’s talked to Parker. I love her concern about him – can’t wait to read more!

    • thanks Tricia!

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