Posted by: Author | April 19, 2021

Tuesday Tales- April 20, 2021- Hurry

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt hurry. Hurry and read all the entries and you won’t regret it. 🙂

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Surfacing and tossing his head to get the water out of his eyes, he said, “Did ye use all the soap, lass? Did ye not ken I would need it?”

She stood. “I am sorry. I thought it was still in there. Are you sure it is not?” It was as if she could not look at him as she spoke with her eyes averted.

Pembroke could not resist teasing her. “Could ye feel around down there and see if ye can locate it for me?”

“Stop being so silly. I bet you have it in your hand. You merely want to have me put my hand in your bath.”

“Is there ought wrong with that?” He winked.

Rowena shook her head. “You are one silly man.”

“No, lass. I am not. I am a man who wants to have my wife want to aid me in my quest for cleanliness.”

Seemingly ignoring his comment, she said, “Let me look in the linen I dried myself with. Perhaps it got tangled up in there.”

“Best hurry. That lad will return in a few minutes and I will not have been able to suds myself.”

“Here it is on the floor.” She bent down and retrieved it from the blue rug near the edge of the tub. “It must have fallen out when I was washing my hair.”


  1. Great scene. Cute and playful. Reminded me of shared showers from long ago.

  2. I love that he wants her to reach into the tub and she refuses! How cute are they, eh? Very realistic and funny scene. I loved it.

  3. Love it! She needs to help him with his “quest for cleanliness.”

  4. What an adorable scene!

  5. Love this scene! So much fun. Great way to work the word prompt in.

    • thanks.  I appreciate it. 

  6. Aww! I wanted her to help him look for it! I love the way he teased her. Great job!

    • LOL`  Me, too.  🙂 

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