Posted by: Author | November 8, 2021

Tuesday Tales- November 9, 2021- Eighteen

This week’s word prompt for the writers of Tuesday Tales is Eighteen. I had to fudge a little bit as I wasn’t able to figure out a way to actually use just eighteen so, mine has a date of the 1800s.

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The next morning, she got dressed early and headed to the genealogical library to see if there was any way to figure out who Lizzie’s parents were.

The librarian tried very hard to be helpful as they looked through some records on the Moreno family. There were a few Elizabeths but they all died as older women. None that passed away as a little girl. Lu didn’t have a clue about how spirits might present themselves, but she presumed if her Lizzie died as a grown woman, she’d present that way and at least know her parents’ first names.

Disappointed in not finding her housemate, she asked the librarian, “Is there a roll of people who died in the various yellow fever epidemics?”

“You might find that at some of the churches. They kept lists of parishioners, births and deaths so there may be such a list at one or more of the downtown churches, like Christ Church. I think they actually had a priest pass away who tried to nurse a lot of his flock.”

Lu wondered if it was one of the ones she’d seen in the park.

“Remember, the town was much smaller then so it wouldn’t be too daunting to visit the few churches that existed back in those days. Let’s see if we can find a record of the ones that were here from the seventeen-hundreds to like eighteen-fifty. Does that sound like your date range? The biggest yellow fever issue was in eighteen-o-two so we should be good to search that hundred and fifty year time frame.”

The woman worked tirelessly and Lu eventually left the library with a list of places to inquire. Who knew there were so many churches back then?


  1. Very intriguing the way you are weaving this mystery. Now I want to know who the girl is! Also, great use of the word prompt!

    • Thanks Jean. I had to finagle a bit to use that eighteen. LOL.

  2. Love those librarians! The mystery deepens and keeps me wanting to know more about the presence.

    • I love librarians and libraries so much. Heaven!

  3. Well done! You’ve sucked me right in.

    • Thanks!

  4. Wonderful snippet!

  5. That is some great research there! I’m dying to know more and to see what she finds out at the churches. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia. This story is set in my home town so it’s been fun to incorporate the factoids I’ve learned over the years. Lots of great stories here.


  6. I loved this snippet! And I especially adore how you used the word prompt so creatively. Well done!!

    • Aww thanks, TrishaFaye. That means a lot.


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