Posted by: Author | November 16, 2021

Tuesday Tales- November 16, 2021- Picture prompt

Sorry to be a bit late this week. I went to see my grandson for his 2nd birthday party- where the local fire department was nice enough to come to the park where he had his party to show the kids the truck and let the firetruck-obsessed grandson revel in a little bit of fun and learning about firetrucks. The three firemen were super good with the kids and even gave them each a fire hat. The down side was the 7 hour each way drive- so I stayed from Friday to Monday and thus, am late with this.

I picked the cemetery photo since my story features ghosts. 🙂

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“I’m looking g for information on the yellow fever epidemics as well as a family called Moreno. They may have died in one of the epidemics. They had a child named Elizabeth, called Lizzie.”

“There’s a book on some of the early families in the area. There was definitely a Moreno family. Also some Gonzalezes. They may have been related to each other. I’m afraid I don’t have much on the yellow fever thing. There were a few epidemics throughout the colonial period as well as the era prior to and including the civil war era. Most of the information is general. I’ve never seen anything with a central listing of the victims or survivors. Have you headed over to St. Michael’s cemetery? I think some of the graves there are marked with the Moreno name. “

“I haven’t. That’s a good idea. If you’ll point me in the direction of the book on the early families, I’ll take a copy of that.”

He walked her over to the other side of the freestanding book case. The little girl spirit followed along, skipping beside Lu.

“By the way, I’ve heard lots of stories over the years about some of these buildings being haunted. How about this one? Any spirits?”

The little girl doubled over in laughter. “You’re fibbing to him. You see me. Why are you pretending?”

Lu couldn’t answer the child so she merely raised her eyebrows.

“There are stories.” The employee handed her a book with a pale tan cover. “This is the one.”

She didn’t even look at it. “Have you seen any spirits here yourself?” Hoping he didn’t think she was some ghost hunting nut, she smiled. “Just curious. I love old houses. It’s not that I truly believe in spirits or ghosts, but I like to hear the stories.


  1. Well done. I’m not big on ghost stories, but this sounds interesting.

    • Thanks. It’s not a scary ghost story. They just happen to be characters who move the plot along. Lol.

      • That sounds like an interesting way to do it.

      • thanks. I hope it is.  LOL

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