Posted by: Author | November 22, 2021

Tuesday Tales- November 23, 2021- Lip

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word lip. My heroine is a nurse and is assisting with the police in the search for an abducted child. Two were taken, one got away and this conversation is with the father of the child in the hospital.

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“Well you sure helped my daughter. Your cop friend did as well.”

Lu’s laughter bubbled out. “I wouldn’t call him my friend.”

“Oh, sorry. I thought he was. He spoke very highly of you.”

“That’s kind of you to say.” I had no doubt Malcom Godfrey had words to say about me. Whether or not they were good was debatable.

“I’m serious.” Emily’s dad stood. “Anyway, I asked the nurse assigned to Emily about you. You said you got off at three a.m. and I wondered if you were off for the weekend. She said you were so I wanted to seek you out to thank you and to also thank you for bringing Detective Godfrey by as he’s really made Emily feel better about Grace and the possibility of survivor’s guilt if Grace isn’t found. I was worried about that.”

Lu’s wanted to tell him she actually didn’t bring Godfrey by. The detective barged in uninvited but she did think Godfrey did the child a world of good so she decided not to be churlish. Let the man be complimented. No skin off her teeth.

“He really did seem to understand that concept and tried to head it off, didn’t he?”

Emily’s dad nodded. “Makes you wonder about his own experiences, doesn’t it? After all, we’re all a product of them. Like you with your Army service, right?”

It was sure something to think about. “Absolutely. I agree. Hopefully, good things are in the future for Emily as she assimilates this experience into her life.”

“Your lips, God’s ears, right?” He opened the door. “We’ll probably be checked out by the time you come back to work. I wanted to be sure you know how grateful we are.”

“Thank you for saying so. We often hear complaints but not praise.”

“I’ll let you get back to work. Thanks again.”

As soon as he left, Lu decided to make rounds again to check on the staff on her floor to assess the status of various patients and their charts. Truth be known, she wanted to keep on the move in case Godfrey decided to pop into her office again. Now that the sketch was done, she had a vibe he’d be on to her again. That old phrase about a dog with a bone came to mind. “No offense Aneto.”


  1. Great scene. Love that description of Godfrey’s determination.

    • thanks Susanne!

  2. Great snippet!

  3. I really enjoyed this scene. There was only one problem with it….I wanted to read MORE. I didn’t want to stop there LOL
    Great job!

    • Lol TrishaFaye. I wanted to have more, but word count rules…. Lol


      • LOL! Silly word count rules.

      • LOL! YEP!

  4. I love the interaction between her and the father. I really hope that her sister is found. Great job!

    • thanks!

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