Posted by: Author | March 21, 2022

Tuesday Tales- March 22, 2022- Nail

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt nail. I am working on a new historical.

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The sky lightened enough that the men began to stir and appear from below deck. Daniel shoved his hands into his pockets, putting the necklace back in the left one. He’d have to think longer on whether to give it to Brandy or not. He didn’t want her to get the wrong idea or get her hopes set on marriage. Perhaps jewelry was not the right gift to have brought her from Spain. He regretted not choosing the carved wooden box he’d seen before the necklace caught his eye.

As he let go of the necklace, the nail of his left index finger caught on a thread. Removing his hand from the pocket, he took his knife and trimmed the rough edge of the fingernail. Grooming his hands was still one of his vanities left from his days in the aristocracy. He couldn’t help it. Perhaps his crew thought he was a bit of a dandy for it, but he could at least keep himself tidy in that way even though he’d long given up proper neck cloths and fancy breeches. In fact, he quite liked the long frock coat and rough fabric of his trousers. Much more comfortable than court heels and fancy togs.

Several of them men were on deck now and the morning became livelier. Jeremiah glanced up at the sails. “Best get the men to trim those a bit. The storm will be here soon. I’d like to make Plymouth before it gets too bad.”

“I trust you to make sure you get them back down if the winds get so bad that it could damage them. Even though you’re an army man, you’ve adapted well to sea life.”

“As have you, Captain. Who would have thought we would end up where we are?”

“Certainly not me. I thought I would serve my time in the army and return home to the estate to help my brother run it. I never saw myself as an outcast with no real home besides the seas and this ship.” Daniel stared off at the horizon, tamping down the feelings of despair that sometimes threatened to overtake him.


  1. Great scene and an intriguing beginning to a new story. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks Susanne. No idea where it’s going, but I have faith in my brain to figure it out. Haha


  2. Great snippet! There is nothing as exciting as a brand new story to write.

    • Agreed. I love the adventure in a new story.

  3. Oh, my! Can’t have him despairing. Maybe Brandy will be able to help him break that mood. Love the way you delineate the difference in the two stages in life.

    • Thanks Jean! These two characters both have something to hide. Makes it fun for me LOL

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