Posted by: Author | May 16, 2022

Tuesday Tales- May 17, 2022- Cheese

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt cheese. I am still in my Regency set story.

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She made it to the public house a few minutes early. The owner looked up from the wheel of cheese he was carving. “I’m glad you’re here. Give this a try. It seems too crumbly to me even though it tastes creamy.”

Jane wanted to giggle. That was the way it was supposed to be, but she did not say a word since she was merely a bar maid and perhaps he would be suspicious if he knew she had it before. It was a staple at her mother’s home but she had not had it since she left. “Let me taste it.” She reached out for the small slice he laid on the flat of his knife. Savoring the little bite, she nodded. “Tastes delightful. It will be a nice change from the cheddar we usually serve.”

“I think it will be a success. The wife tried it at Borough Market two days ago and I sent her over there today to get some to see what the seamen think.”

“It’s lovely.” Jane walked over to where her apron hung beside Bessie’s and, taking it from its peg, she pulled the already-tied strings over her head. Grabbing her cloth, she wiped down the bar from the morning shift. As she worked, she could still taste the cheese on her tongue. It really was a delightful bite.

The place began to fill up and for the next few hours, Jane was busy delivering mostly ales but a few glasses of whisky here and there. She tuned out all the sounds other than shouts for refills and it took her a while to realize Johnny was there. The man who followed her home. It was as if he was staring a hole into her. The intensity of his gaze left her in fear. Her whole focus changed at that moment. How will I get safely home after the pub closes? He clearly is not going to take no for an answer from me.


  1. Love your use of the word prompt, and the slice-of-life in a Regency bar/tap room kind of place. And then you inject a discordant element and fear. Now you’ve really piqued my interest. Great snippet. Well done.

    • Thanks Jean!

  2. This is a fantastic scene, an enjoyable look at the slice of life and then her fear of the sinister man. It makes me want to read more– so pick up that magical pen! I have to see what happens!

    • Thanks Flossie!  I hope the pen has more magic!  

  3. Such a wonderful snippet. Well done!

  4. Excellent glimpse into pub-life at the time. Old cheese is usually crumbly but delicious. I love the peek into her past, savoring the cheese her mother had served, and a glimpse into her fear. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Thanks.  Yep, Old, crumbly cheese is excellent.  LOL  

  5. Oh dear!! I was enjoying the cheese interaction so much and how you conveyed the scene, until Johnny showed up. Now I’m fretting and worrying about her.

    • Thanks. I was wanting some cheese as I wrote it. Lol


  6. I love the look at her previous life. And I want to punch Johnny in the nose. Great job!

    • lol on Johnny and his nose. He needs to get his comeuppance.


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