Posted by: Author | June 27, 2022

Tuesday Tales – June 28, 2022- Easy

This week, the word prompt for the writers of Tuesday Tales is easy. I’m still in the Regency story I’m working on. When we left our heroine, she was in the clutches of a scoundrel. Enjoy this week’s snippet.

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“There is nothing you can since I won’t let go of her. You may as well let me be on my way, Captain. If you harm me, she falls and gets hurt. I’m sure that is not what you want. Go on back to your ship and sail away, pirate.” The man waved his free hand at Daniel.

Daniel took advantage of that wave and grabbed the hand in his fist and squeezed as tight as he could, twisting the arm as he did.

With the man writhing in pain and attempting to free himself from Daniel’s grip, Brandy was able to extricate herself from his grasp.

As soon as she was free, she ran to take shelter under the closest awning while Daniel dealt with Johnny by twisting his arm until Johnny was on his knees.

“Will you leave her alone from now on?”

Johnny spat on the ground, and through clenched teeth, said, “I will.”

Daniel pulled on Johnny’s arm again. “You will?”

Johnny nodded with tears in his eyes from the pain and Daniel let go of his hand. “Now go on. Be lost.”

As soon as he returned to his feet, Johnny spat at Daniel again. “I will leave her alone until you return to sea, you scoundrel. Once that happens, she will be mine.”

Before Daniel could react, Johnny pun around and ran down the street, almost stepping into a puddle of excrement someone had thrown out their window moments earlier.

Brandy ran toward him and hugged him. “Thank goodness you were here. He has been trying to capture me for days. I fear what he wants to do to me.”

Daniel held her. Her whole body was atremble. She reminded him of the stallion he used to own who was skittish and afraid of everyone but him. He soothed her as if she were that horse. Patting her back, he clucked his tongue. “Easy, easy. Everything is fine. He did not get you.”

She pulled away partially and gazed up at him. “This time. Tonight. But not forever.”



  1. Ugh! Still want to hit him. And he words make me scared for her. Very glad Daniel was there. Great job!

    • LOL!  Thanks Tricia.  Going to see what Daniel does to discourage him….   Wish I knew…. LOL

  2. Thank heaven! I hope Daniel can do something to keep the guy away from her for good. I love so much how he holds her close when her body is atremble. Beautiful image!

    • Thanks Flossie.  I hope he can too.  Gotta figure that out!  LOL

  3. Love the tension you built here. Yes, he freed her today, but what about tomorrow. That plants the seed in my mind that she is still not safe and what will become of her? I hope he takes her with him. Great story!

    • Thanks Jean. Your compliment means the world to me.


      • I love your stories!

      • Aww. Thanks Jean ❤️


  4. Such great tension. Well done!

    • Thanks, Vicki

  5. I’m so glad he happened by to be able to save her. At least this time. Still tense about what the future brings. Great snippet!

    • Thanks, TrishaFaye,  He does need a comeuppance!

  6. Well, I’ with everyone else. That guy needs to be dealt with permanently! Great scene.

    • He does!  LOL!

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