Posted by: Author | July 13, 2022

Wordless Wednesday



  1. One of your regulars? A Siamese-Tabby ,apparently. Any cat with Siamese in them are generally very smart.

    • Yes,  He’s a Siamese.  He was abandoned and was very skittish for a long time, but he lets us pet him now.  Not sure what happened to his owner because he used to have a collar and we found it on the ground over three years ago and called her – she came and got him.  But he has no collar now and has been in a lot of fights and I can’t imagine that lady letting him run around and live over here unless something happened to her as she even left work that day we called her to get him and make sure he was safe.  

      • How terribly sad. I hope there is justice in the afterlife for this sort of thing. Thank God he found you. We have a tabby who was spayed and declawed, but we could never find her owner. She was starving and she was temperamental, so she may have been dumped. She is still skittish with some people after many years, but she is sweet to me and will come out and greet most people after a while.

      • aww. That’s sweet with your little foundling.  I feel like this woman passed away (maybe Covid as she was in her 40s) because she clearly loved her cat that day she came and got him. I don’t think she would have abandoned him willingly. 

  2. Ahhh, I’m so glad kitty has you to feed him and offer him some human love.

    • Thanks.  He’s not quite cuddly, but he at least lets us pet  him now.  

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