Posted by: Author | September 26, 2022

Tuesday Tales- September 27, 2022- Fall

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt fall. I am still rocking along in the Regency story. Hoping to pick up the pace on this sucker. LOL

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Jane’s mind raced as she worked. Since Johnny was clearly not even afraid to bother her while the Captain was in port, he was not going to leave her alone ever. Her plan to run had to be moved up. In fact, she would leave tomorrow. She wanted to stay to continue to spend time with the Captain but he was proving to be not as reliable as he had been in the past.

Confused and sad at how it seemed her love’s feelings for her had changed, she worked distracted and failed to pay close attention to what she was doing.

She placed a full mug of ale on a table—or she intended to—but she missed the surface. She watched it fall and land on the lap of one of the sailors, splashing his breeches as well as his boots.

The man leapt to his feet and screamed, “Watch yerself, wench.”

Fighting back tears, Jane tried to wipe the liquid from him. Until she realized she was patting him in an inappropriate place.

As she leapt back in horror, her employer yelled across the room, “That’s coming out of your wages, Brandy. And I oughta fire you. Right now.”

It did not matter if he fired her since she was planning to leave on the mail coach the next day, but she needed to keep all her wages to pay the fare and set herself up in a new town.

“I will pay it.” A man stepped forward with coins in his hand. He slammed them onto the counter top.

Jane looked at him, shocked and concerned. What would be his price for saving her?

She stared for a moment trying to place where she might know him from.



  1. Great scene. I want to know who has come to her rescue. Wonderful cliffhanger.

    • Thanks Susanne.


  2. Oh no! Where’s the Captain? Why isn’t he saving her? And who is this guy? I hope he has her best interests at heart.

    • Lots of questions!  Love it.  LOL!

  3. Ooh! A twist here! Who is her helper??

  4. Oooo a cliffie!

  5. I feel so horrible for her being distracted. And oh no – who is this guy? Great job!

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