Posted by: Author | October 3, 2022

Tuesday Tales- October 4, 2022- Orange

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt orange. I am still in the never-ending Regency story. I know where it’s going, but having a hard time getting it down with all the stuff happening in my world.

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“That lass would forgive you anything. She worships you.”

“I know and I wish she did not. I am a broken man and I cannot give her what she wants. I cannot.”

“Not my place to tell you different, but I think you should think it over. She loves you and I believe you love her.”

Daniel stared at him for a moment in shock. “Yes, you have. Overstepped, that is.”

Jeremiah moved back and raised his hands in front of him in surrender. “Forget I said it. Forget it.”

Daniel nodded once and spun around. He stalked off toward the gangway, tripping on an orange cat sprawled on the deck. “Confounded animal. Why must you always be underfoot?”

His bosun laughed. “You call him confounded until he’s cuddled up with you on the aft deck when you cannot sleep.”

“Over his shoulder, Daniel called out, “He’s just another shipmate. The chief mouser.”

As he made his way to shore, he could hear Jeremiah talking to the cat, “Just ignore him, Marmalade, he’s a grouch today. Missing his lady fair.” 

As he stepped onto the quay, Daniel allowed himself a small smile. He did love that cat. He just did not want the crew to know how soft he was when it came to the animal. They already made fun of him for naming the thing Marmalade, but he did that for sentimental reasons as well. It was his sister’s favorite thing in the world and he liked being reminded of her even if he could not see her. 

A strong wave of pain hit him as her face came to mind. Choosing as he had to leave his secure family life sometimes brought him very low. He still did not see how he could make his way back into the fold, so he shoved his sentimentality aside and strode on, determined to meet Brandy and try to undo whatever hurt he had caused by missing their appointed meeting time. He was sure she would be hurt and sad. He could not stand it when he made mistakes and hurt people he cared about. 

He did not dare think of the word love. Jeremiah was wrong. He could not love. That sentiment had left his heart years ago and he guarded himself from allowing it to return. Never again. Never. 



  1. Love the cat’s name. Well done.

    • thanks!

  2. I absolutely love this scene– his anguish over hurting her and reluctance to move forward into scary territory. Marmalade is a treasure. I’m so glad the sailors have a cat!

    • Thanks Flossie, I appreciate it. They have a cat because I couldn’t think of any other way to use orange. Lol. So, now there’s a new character. Haha


  3. Ah, baloney! He already loves her, whether he’ll admit it or not. I love his fondness for the cat and the well-chosen name. He’s a wonderful character. I wish he’d admit the truth to himself. Great scene!

    • Yeah.  he’s deluding himself about love.  Crazy man.  LOL!  Thanks for liking him!  That means a lot.

  4. The poor man, in such anguish. Great scene showing the layers underneath what he shows to others. And Marmalade! A perfect name for an orange cat! Great way to work the orange prompt in!

    • Thanks, TrishaFaye. He’s been interesting to write.


  5. I love his sweet spot for the cat. And I love the glimpse of his past life, such as his sister. Great job!

    • thanks!

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