Posted by: Author | November 16, 2022

Wordless Wednesday



  1. I gave up tent camping several years ago. No more climbing down into a bed, even if it’s a blow up mattress, for me. I miss it, though. We have an old canvas tent and (weird person that I am) I loved the smell of it.

    • Lol on the smell loving. I gave up tent camping before #2 son was born—long story—a saga, really. 😀 Last week, from Wednesday to Sunday night, the spouse and #2 went to North Carolina and camped and hiked. I stayed home. Lol.


      • You are one very smart woman! 🙂

      • LOL! Yep – at least in some ways!

  2. I can almost feel and smell this picture! We used to visit parks and campsites a lot in our long day trips in Colorado. However, I don’t ‘do’ camping well. My kids and grandkids love it.I was ever so grateful when Joe took over the Scouting duties when our boys reached Boy Scout level and they went on many adventures after we kit KY.

    • My husband was a scout leader too.  He loves to camp.  I spent a lot of my childhood camping but we had a little scotty camper.  We kinds used to sleep outside when it was warm. On cots.  Especially when we did beach camping.  I am too old for that tent stuff now.  LOL!

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