Posted by: Author | November 30, 2022

Wordless Wednesday



  1. What a lovely line of color!
    This was the most beautiful Autumn by far here this year. In fact, a local woman who is in her early 40s said to me, “I never understood why people said that they love Fall until this year. I could live with this all the time!”
    My feelings exactly.

    • I’m glad you had a lovely fall full of color, too.  These are going up my driveway.  Took the pic from the mailbox. AND today, they are bare because we had storms in the predawn morning today– glad I took the time to take the shot!  LOL

  2. Beautiful fall colors. We had some minor wind events so are almost done with our leaves. Enjoy!

    • Sorry yours are mostly gone.  These are too as of this morning when we had massive storms come through overnight. I’m glad I finally took these pictures on Saturday!  

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