Posted by: Author | February 27, 2023

Tuesday Tales- February 28, 2023- Bud

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt bud. I am working on a short story set in the 1860s in London.

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As he walked on, his mind turned to the dilemma of the extra partner he needed in order to not have the same argument of the day before when the nine ladies each vied to be partnered by the dance master. He could see some of them were destined to play the flirt in ballrooms and some would be likely to be caught in compromising positions with some of the young lads who preyed on girls like them. Of course, being caught meant the marriage banns being read so it would be more likely one or two would be left in dire circumstances by some cad. He did not see how he could help them avoid that but did he have a duty to warn them as their dance master or was his only duty to teach them the steps of the reels and waltzes?

Henry knew he was not one to give lessons in morality to these young women. That was better left to their female instructors but he did feel a little bit as if he should warn them about how men could be. Especially the more forward of the girls.

Arriving at the door to the cafe, he snipped a bud from one of the rose bushes at the left side of the entry. He put it to his nose to inhale the scent before moving inside to the strong smell of the coffee on offer.

Tucking the flower into the pocket of his weskit, he went in to order his beverage.

Inside, he noticed a man in the far corner standing with his back to the door. The man was in deep conversation with two people seated at the table.

Something about the way the man stood and how he held himself jangled alarm bells in Henry’s mind. The broad back and tilt of the man’s head made Henry decide to back out of the cafe and miss out on breaking his fast. He would have to find something at the school to stop his belly from screaming at him in protest of the missed meal.

As he walked down the street toward his place of employment, Henry found himself chuckling after a few minutes. “There is no way, old chap, that that was who I mistook him for. He would not be in Manchester. He certainly would not be in the cafe I frequent. I am surely seeing things.”



  1. A cliffhanger! I love cliffhangers! Well done.

    • Thanks. I like to leave these snippets on a cliffhanger if possible. Lol


  2. Oh my gosh, who was it? That is a great ending to your excerpt. I love how he is concerned about the girls. I hope he can help some of them avoid problems.

    • Thanks Flossie. I’m glad you like him.


  3. Uh oh. No, I don’t think he’s seeing things. Can’t wait to find out just who that rotter is!! Great story and he’s a wonderful character.
    P.S. I’m sending you our new logo. We must have started it when you were on your brief leave.

    • I think I just picked the wrong one when I posted my snippet. I need to delete the old one. Lol. Thanks re: my story.

  4. Oooo, great cliffie! Nicely done.

    • Thanks Vicki

  5. OHHHH! Now I need to know more. You can’t leave us hanging right there!
    Great scene. You excel writing in this time period!

    • Awww thanks for the lovely compliment. That means a lot from another writer who does historical.

  6. Oh geez! Now I’m dying to know who it was. I can’t to find out who! Great job!

    • thanks!!  Glad you’re intrigued. 

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